Time Sheet reports don't open in JIRA 5.2.7

JIRA 5.2.7
Universal Plugin Manager 2.7.10 and 2.9.3

Time Sheet Reports and Gadgets Plugin versions 2.3.12 - 2.3.15

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install any mentioned jira-timesheet-plugin version
2. Open any accessible JIRA project home page
3. Summary tab - Reports section - click Time Sheet Report or Project Pivot Report
4. Links don't open. No response from JIRA, no messages in logs. Looks like very long operation timeout.

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So, I suggest you not to use selector for targetGroup, i.e. replace in atlassian-plugin.xml (2 occurencies):

                <values class="com.fdu.jira.plugin.report.timesheet.GroupValuesGenerator"/>



And if you use gadgets, also replace the following in timesheet.gadget.js:

                userpref: "group",
                label: getMsg("gadget.pref.label.group"),
                type: "select",
                selected: gadget.getPref("group"),
                options: args.groups.values


                userpref: "group",
                label: getMsg("gadget.pref.label.group"),
                type: "text",
                value: gadget.getPref("group")

And remove the following in timesheet-gadget.xml:

}, {
                            key: "groups",
                            ajaxOptions: "/rest/timesheet-gadget/1.0/groups.json"

And similar in project-pivot-gadget.xml (it does not use timesheet.gadget.js, but it uses the same logis, property and ajax options in one file)

I understand it's bad idea, but don't have anything better in mind.

Hope it will help, and thank you for your efforts!

Note, I don't have any idea about ~10s load though.

I made these changes in atlassian-plugin.xml and js/timesheet.gadget.js and Group fields were disappeared from report configuration forms. Is this ok?
I have to discuss with my colleagues whether this field is important for us.

I didn't modify timesheet-gadget.xml and project-pivot-gadget.xml. Group selectors are working fine with our 10K+ groups in configuration forms of both gadgets.

Sounds wrong.

1) editing atlassian-plugin.xml as I've suggested, should keep the configuration, but it should become edit box.

2) if you don't want to fix it for gadgets, do not modify js/timesheet.gadget.js also.

But, hm, it's completely strange that it works fine for gadget, it uses the same implementation there. It also explains ~10s load without targetGroup, looks like there is somethign extremely wrong with report configuration page in your case.

Oops.. I forgot to restart JIRA before testing of modified plugin.

Now I've modified atlassian-plugin.xml only, then restart JIRA:

  • Report's Group text fields are in place now and are opening without mentioned CPU load, although with ~10s delays;
  • Gadgets left unmodified and working fine without any delays and CPU load.

Ok, glad it works some how. It's clear there's something wrong in your JIRA with reports configuration page loading, though I don't have any ideas what may be the root cause.

Ok, assuming that 10s delay is not primary bug, do you have an idea how to fix Group selectors in Time Sheet and Project Pivot reports? Looks like there are no such bug in gadgets.

I think there is some system problem, as I've said the same group selector is used in gadgets, and you say it works fine there. Also ~10s load is NOT normal, assuming you have good server. There is very little done by plugin in the report configuration page. E.g. selectors populators, rest is pure declarational stuff that can not break. Finally, replacing targetGroup (the most extensive selector) with text box, I hope will be suitable work around for you, and someone from Atlassian or your local Atlassian Expert may help with the system problem.

Ok, this workaround is suitable. Do we need to hack each new plugin version this way?

Do you plan to support over 10K groups/users in select fields in future TimeSheet versions? We wouldn't have problems with further upgrades.

Could you test TimeSheet v2.3.15 in JIRA 5.2.7 with 10K+ groups/users?

As for JIRA system problem, I will contact Atlassian support. Thank you.

Yes, if the problem persists.

As it works in gadget, I don't think it's plugin problem. As I've said, the same code is used in both cases.

I think no, developer JIRA license allows only 5 users, I guess the same for groups, and I did not find a way to programmatically create groups yet. Also I think it's something specific to your case. Conflict with some other plugin.

I've just finished the following experiment:

  • installed fresh JIRA 5.2.7 with all default settings,
  • installed Time Sheet Plugin 2.3.15,
  • connected JIRA to corp Crowd server to get our 10K+ groups and few thousands of users,
  • created new project with single issue.

Problem is reproduced when enabling Crowd Directory with its additional groups and users. I see that Time Sheet Plugin simply cannot swallow all these items. I believe that it is not JIRA problem. Also there is no such problem with other JIRA plugins that we use.

Are you going to investigate and fix it? If no, we will have to drop Time Sheet Plugin.

By the way, JIRA licenses don't limit the number of groups.

I don't how I can help, I can reproduce it (though I don't get OOM, it just takes a few minutes to load) with Crowd directory, but it does no change my previos conclusion. Please use workaround, and feel free to contact Atlassian support, but notice that's also not recommended to use user picker with crowd: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CROWD/Integrating+Crowd+with+Atlassian+JIRA#IntegratingCrowdwithAtlassianJIRA-2.3(Optional)DisabletheAuto-CompleteFunctioninJIRA'sUserPicker

Recap: I don't think it's plugin problem, because the selector works fine in gadget, and it uses the same GroupValuesGenerator. Report configuration page is rendered by JIRA ConfigureReport.jspa, which is not in plugin scope. Most likely there are performance problems in ConfigureReport.jspa.

Thank you.

I've just verified with plugin version 2.3.10 - the same problem, and with JIRA 5.0.5 (w. plugin version 2.3.15) and there is no problem, so I've created https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-32510 - Very slow respone on report configuration page with 10K crowd groups

Is there anything interesting (like OutOfMemory or any errors at al)l in jira.log?

Yes, we faced with suspicious overall JIRA performance degradation and then OOM failure exactly after we have found and checked this issue. But I cannot say whether Time Sheet Plugin was the root cause of this failure.

It would be nice if you could clarify when OOM happens. And check if there are any errors in log when you click report link. Since this may relate to report configuration, it may be caused by big number of projects or groups. Do you have anything like this?

I've found a lot of the following messages in atlassian-jira.log that have report page name:

2013-04-02 11:12:20,743 ajp-bio-8009-exec-15 ERROR username2 654x8971x1 19t0vu1 /secure/ConfigureReport!default.jspa [webwork.util.ValueStack] query="objectConfiguration/fieldValues(.)/empty" {[id="objectConfiguration" type="8" values=""]} {[id="fieldValues" type="10" values="query="." {[id="null" type="3" values=""]}"]} {[id="empty" type="8" values=""]}
2013-04-02 11:30:55,054 ajp-bio-8009-exec-3 INFO username1 663x9327x2 1y7h8dk /secure/ConfigureReport!default.jspa [jira.web.tags.TextTag] An empty i18n key was provided in /secure/views/browser/configurereport.jsp
2013-04-02 11:37:56,673 ajp-bio-8009-exec-1248 ERROR username3 681x65138x3 1cd6ohj /secure/ConfigureReport!default.jspa [webwork.util.ValueStack] METHOD: "fieldValuesHtmlEncoded", exception:
2013-04-02 11:47:53,176 ajp-bio-8009-exec-1597 WARN username4 707x79422x2 14u5t69 /secure/ConfigureReport!default.jspa [jira.issue.managers.DefaultCustomFieldManager] Custom field searcher module: com.tuncaysenturk.jira.plugins.jira-enhancer-plugin:last-resolution-user-searcher is invalid. Null being returned.

Messages lost.. feel free to drop me an email with details.

We had to disable Time Sheet Report and Project Pivot Report plugin modules and there are no memory issues for the last 4 hours.

It might be some conflict with enhancer plugin, though I'm trying now with it with no problems. Cou you pleae try disabling it instead to see if it's the case?

Just finished testing with Jira Enhancer Plugin disabled. Result is the same.

36 simultaneous requests to Time Sheet Report link causes JIRA host to consume extra Gigs of RAM and 100% CPU even after closing all request connections. And there is serious performance degradation of JIRA app.

Thank you for trying, next step would be to edit atlassian-plugin.xml of timesheet plugin, and removing both groupByField and moreFields timesheet report properties.

You may find download jar from marketplace or lookup one in your installed instance (find jira-home -name jira-timesheet-pluign*.jar), extract atlassian-plugin.xml (jar xf jira-timesheet-pluign-2.3.15.jar atlassian-plugin.xml), edit then pack back (jar uf jira-timesheet-pluign-2.3.15.jar atlassian-plugin.xml) and reinstall it in your JIRA (uninstall existing then instlall modified jar).

Try timesheet report only. If you'd like to try Pivot report you will need to do the same for pivot report declaration in atlassian-plugin.xml.

Then, you may try to remove projectRoleId, filterid, projectid, priority and targetGroup, one by one in best case to diagnose the problem.

Sorry I don't know level of your technical skills, if it's too much for you, please let me know.

Thank you.

There is ~10s (normal?) response from Time Sheet report link with targetGroup property removed.
The bug can be reproduced again with original plugin 2.3.15 after JIRA app restart.

The same result is for Project Pivot report link.

PS. Tested on small project with 5 issues.

Hi Oleksiy,

Thank you for investigating this. I'd like to highlight, if I understand this correctly, report configuration page is not opening (or takes ~10s), and if it happens only after restart, it may mean that cache is initialized first time. If it's repeatable, it's worth of trying removing other properties and see which one causes this.

Please try to investigate feather, I will help when I can.

Thank you.

Hi Andriy,

I meant that disabling each of other properties doesn't affect the bug. Only targetGroup does. I'd tested all of them for both reports, according to your instructions.

The bug had disappeared with targetGroup disabled only. And appeared back after reinstalling original plugin and restarting JIRA.

"Disappearing" means that report configuration pages are opening, but after ~10s delay only (there is no such delay in JIRA 5.0.7 with jira-timesheet-plugin 2.3.8).

So, it looks like it's caused by big number of groups. I.e. do you have many groups?

And also even after removing it, it loads but it takes ~10s? That's not expected either.

So, it looks like it's caused by big number of groups. I.e. do you have many groups?

And also even after removing it, it loads but it takes ~10s? That's not expected either.

Yes, we have over 10K groups.

Original plugin with targetGroup enabled causes no response from its reports at all.

Each report become accessible (but with ~10s delay) after removing targetGroup from appropriate place of atlassian-plugin.xml. Removing other properties has no effect.

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