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For the problem described in KB (Sprints shared between multiple boards), I need to find a solution for this problem or evaluate some alternatives to JIRA and/or JIRA Agile. If you have the same problem like us and find some solution for that, please share it with me.

Here are symptoms:

  • A sprint shows up in a board in which it wasn't created.
  • Making a change to a sprint in one board affects a sprint in another board.
  • A sprint shows up in a board after an issue has been moved to it from another board.
  • Attempting to close sprint requires admin permissions in another project.

and this is my comment there:

Another problem exist here and I describe it:
1- Consider you have two boards(each for 1 component or subsystem) for 1 project and each board belongs to specific persons without any persons exist in both of them.

2- Consider a bug has been raised and you assign it to a person in an sprint in board 1 wrongly.

3- Now You want to reassign it to another person who belong to another board. If you do this, an sprint auto created in board 2 with the same sprint name at board 1 and you have to do some more stage to avoid this problem

I hope to Atlassian see this as a bug not a feature.

Thanks in advance smile


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Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Feb 15, 2016

Hi Ansar,

I think the sprint is showing up in different boards because there are issues in that sprint that belong to both boards.

You should look carefully to the filter query of the board configuration. Every issue should belong to one board, your filter query should ensure that.

A sprint that belongs to more than one board can be closed in any board. If it is closed in one board, it will be closed in the other boards too.

Hope that helps


I have a similar problem, and I dont know how did it manifest in the first place. I have a sprint I created in a project, which has its own board. Now the sprint shows up in different projects and boards. It has the same unique ID associated with the sprint. If I make change to the sprint name, in one board, it reflects in other boards too. I need to have unique sprint names, in all projects. Can somebody please explain why is this happening?

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We have the same problem

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I am facing the same problem , 2 Different project - with unique issues have a common sprint. Any changes made via Project 1 impacts the sprint for Project 2 and visa versa.


Upon initial analysis - 

1. There are no common issues/Epics between the projects.

2. I have 10 diff projects but the issue observed only between 2 projects.

3. I have tried mutiple combinations but am unbale to decouple the 2 projects.

This used to be an issues for us all the time. We have multiple teams working on one project but each team having a unique board. As we start putting issues into sprints it becomes messy keeping track of it in multiple boards, having the wrong sprint sometimes show up in the wrong place. We finally solved it by using an addon to group multiple boatds into a single view, grouping each board issues into sprints that are shared accross all of them. So even thougth the sprints show up in all teh boards the issues are unique for each boards and since you are looking at all of them at the same time in one view it makes it easier to follow along as oposed to switcghing between multiple boards/vierws. https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/early-bird-planner-prod/cloud/overview

The belonging to sprint is just a value in every issue. Once you set the filter of your board to show same issue in few boards you will see the sprin t too. Sprint is manageable from each and every board where it shows.

I guess this is more filtering issue.

If you move an issue from Project A to Project B, the issue will retain it's old Sprint value.

Therefore, the board of Project B will now have an issue that belongs to a sprint in Project A.

Use your board's Velocity Chart to detect Sprints that don't seem to be reporting correctly. They usually contain issues that were moved. Bulk change those issues to remove the bad Sprint value and it should be good to go.

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