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Vj May 17, 2024

I have 3 Jira Boards created for a Project to support 3 Separate Tracks. I have used specific naming Convention for Epics against each and thus ensured that each board has filters setup accordingly to reflect only those Stories which are tied to the Epic.

Now, I am trying to figure out a way to differentiate Tasks and Bugs also to ensure that they are reflecting on the same boards. Any helps / suggestions towards the right approach to handle this would offer great help.

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Adrián García González May 17, 2024

Hi @Vj ,

If I understand correctly this is your scenario:

  • You have a project with 3 Epics.
  • You have a board to see the Stories of each of those 3 Epics.
  • Now you want to see on each board the Tasks and Bugs related to each one.

If not, please correct me.

As far as I understand it, it would be enough to assign the Tasks and Bugs to their corresponding Epic. This way they will appear in their corresponding board. Which should have a filter like this:

project = project_name and parentEpic = epic_key

I hope this is helpful. Best Regards!

Vj May 17, 2024

Hi @Adrián García González,

Your understanding is appropriate. Thanks for sharing the possible resolution. I am using the same as on today. But, the Bugs created are not getting listed on the board. Is there anything that I need to be cautious about to make sure its working well?


Vijay P.

Adrián García González May 17, 2024

Of course, these are the points you can check:

  • Check the board filter, check that you don't have any statements that explain the issueType bug.
  • Check that the states in which the bugs can be are mapped on the board, this means that if the bugs are in an In Progress state, the board must have at least one column with that state.
  • Check that there is no Quick Filter on the board that makes you not see the bugs, they are located at the top of the board.

If you don't get it you can attach a screenshot showing the board filter and the bugs that should appear, maybe it will help us to find the problem.


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