Separate communication with requestor and solution within an Issue

Hello everybody,

i have got a special requirement for Jira and haven´t found a solution yet.

We want to separate the communication with the requestor of an Jira ticket and the work we did to solve the issue. I know there´s the Work Log feature but we do not want to use the time tracking feature. It´s always mandatory to enter a time and therefore we don´t want to use this screen.

Is it possible to disable that we need to enter a time at the work log screen? Then our problem will be solved...

It will be very confusing when we have got once the communication with the requestor and the solution for the issue mixed up only within comments (no separation).

Have you got any ideas to solve this problem?

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Ignacio Pulgar Community Champion Jul 17, 2017

You may create a custom text field, ie. named 'Technical Solution', which could be used to contain the info you wouldn't like to be spread over the full conversation with the reporter.

Thanks for your reply. But the solution can be a very long text with included images. We also need timestamps between the single work we add to the issue. This feature is only provided by comments / work log...


Ignacio Pulgar Community Champion Jul 18, 2017

If the field is set to use the Wiki Style Renderer, it will include the options for adding attachments and so on.

Regarding size, just ensure you do not select a single line text field type.

Please, try it, as I'm quite sure it will meet all those requirements.


But it includes no timestamps when i have added text...

As i see there´s not really a solution available..

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