Scrum Board: How to see details of the Epics Completion?

RPP February 27, 2020

When you go to the Backlog of a Scrum Board, you have in the left vertical bar two options: Versions and Epics. When pressing on Epics, you see a clear overview of completion status and after pressing, you see details of what issues are done.

Epics.PNG Epics details.PNG



I need the details of this screen as either

- a new screen so that it is easy to make a screenshot. The list now is too long when expanding all epics. Or;

- a report/dashboard. I tried a dashboard Issue Statistics -> filter issues without Epic -> Statistic Type = Epic Link. Output:

epics ex.PNGThis Epic consist of 1 Done issue, so this should be 100%, just as the 2nd Epic visble in above screenshot.


Does anyone know how to get these details, without the use of an Add-On?

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RPP February 28, 2020

Changed the title, as previous one was a bit unclear.

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