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Recurring Tasks in Jira

Our business needs to record the progress of recurring administrative or support tasks. Is there a way to set up a Task in Jira so that it either has a recurring due date, say once a month, or spawns cases for a given period of time with default due dates?

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How about this?

And if you don't want to pay for the plugin, from Jobin's post I guess you can use the same method to create issues as well.

Hi all,

Now there is another new add-on that can create recurring issues and more. You can select different actions to execute repeatedly for given issue e.g. clone issue, create sub-task in issue, reopen issue

Let's try Repeating Issues for JIRA


Hi, Jira users!

If you`re still searching for an app that deals with repetitive tasks, try out Recurring Checklists and Report add-on. My team has developed this plug-in to create, automate and control recurring issues using checklists. 

  • Here is an example of the add-on for the reporter 


and the report view

Check how add-on works for 30-day free trial

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Kortni I'm New Here Aug 10, 2022


I`m new here and trying to find solution for repetitive tasks 

Hi Gebsun,

That looks like a nice add-on. However, after we set the recurring task, nothing happens, the status remains as "not run".  Is there any settings need to be adjusted in JIRA itself?

Gebsun Rising Star Mar 10, 2015

Hi Timo, our Recurring Tasks plugin runs tasks every full hour. If you specify cron expression as "* * * * *" in your task, it still will be performed every full hour. When 'Last Run Status' shows an error like 'Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.', it means that 'reporter' field has to be added to suitable Jira Screen e.g. to 'Default Screen'. Cheers, Gebsun

Gebsun Rising Star Mar 10, 2015

Feel free to contact us directly if you have more questions: support(at)gebsun(dot)com

Ok, right. Thanks! It had run now, and there was an error about that "reporter"-field. After adding that to project's "Create Issue"-screen the error was gone

I am having an issue getting Recurring Tasks working. does this mean that If I set a task to run @10:30 a.m., that task won't get run until 11:00 a.m.? Also, do you know if the servers Cron is running on GMT or would it follow my local time zone?

Gebsun Rising Star Apr 09, 2015

Hi Tony, currently Recurring Tasks ignores minutes part of cron expression and runs tasks every full hour. The plugin follows local time zone. Cheers, Gebsun

Thanks...I figured that out. Now, however, when it runs I get an error: Field 'reporter' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown. Field 'assignee' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown. Both fields are filled in with known users. We really need these two fields to be filled in.

Gebsun Rising Star Apr 09, 2015

See my answer above to Timo.. You have to add 'reporter' and 'assignee' fields to "Create Issue" screen of your project in Jira configuration. Cheers, G

Thanks! Hopefully that fixes it.

The field reporter definitely exists on all Screens included in the Screen Schemes for this project. I even added a new specific field scheme for "Create Issue" and it's still not working. Is this is a known bug and/or is this module working?

Gebsun Rising Star Dec 09, 2015

Hi Robert, Can you share CRON expression for "Not Run" task and start/end date (screen-shoot). Please also contact us directly at support(at)gebsun(dot)com

There is also Cloud alternative for creating recurring issues:

Cheers, Gebsun

Thanks everyone for the answers provided to my question. All good stuff. I am most likely going to use the scheduler mainly for simplicity. I do not really have the resources to develop custom plugins at the moment. I am probably going to put that in place early 2013.

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MatthewC Rising Star Oct 01, 2012

Hi geoff,

This popped up on front page because of the spam answer but I was interested because I've written a plugin that does just this. It's internal to the company so I'm not releasing it but I can talk you through it if you want ;-)

contact me direct -

Hi Matthew -- can you walk me through this? Or is this released yet? The Scheduler one is not available for the cloud which is what we use.

Hello Geoff, could you please provide any updates on your investigation? Which option worked the best?

Thank you,

David Ruana

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Thanks, Geoff!

Will do thanks Beth. I am leaning towards the scheduler, as even though it is a bit funky, it presents a good way to see the schedule per project, but I will do some mor ework on it and update the question in a while.

It is an interesting one for me, because the business sees the ability to handle recurring tasks as a very important requirement as a client management tool.

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If you try any of them out and get a chance to come back here, I would be interested in which options you trialed and the reason for whatever direction you choose. I could foresee having to respond to this kind of request in the future from one of my teams and whatever you might share about your experience might inform my own future exploration and recommendation.

Thanks, Beth, I will check those out. There is also a fairly obscure plugin called "The Scheduler" whcih creates a 'job' which in turn creates tasks with due dates at set recurring times.

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Hi Geoff,

It looks like there might be a couple of plug-ins that might satisfy your need:

If you aren't interested in fiddling with the plug-ins, you might consider creating a version called Templates that has dummy issues like the ones you have to frequently create, and then whenever you need it, clone one of them into your current iteration.

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