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Notification for Service Desk Request Edited

I am creating a form for customers to be able to submit a service desk request within Jira Service Management. I created a field for the customer to select their program manager, but when the drop-down menu is selected, none of our current administrative users display (see screenshot). I am concerned that the admin won't receive the notification when the service desk request is submitted by a customer. 

I notice that when I view the same page as an administrator, the appropriate users do display in the drop-down menu, but not when I am signed in as a customer. Is there a permission that I am missing?

Please advise. Thanks!


Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 6.10.22 PM.png

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 11, 2020


  Can you please check your customer permissions.  Can you select the third option and see if that makes a difference.


Thanks, Brant, that does seem to fix the issue of the drop-down menu not populating. Will the individual selected in the menu receive a notification of the service desk request?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 11, 2020

No this would not initiate an email. You can however use an automation on issue create where you send an email to the program manager.  If you want the program manager to be able to see the issue you should also add them as a request participant as part of the automation.  

Hi Brant,

I know I'm coming back to this question a couple weeks late, but I don't see the "send an email" automation in issue create option. What am I missing?


The main issue being: how can the right person be notified immediately after a customer submits a help desk request? Is there a way to accomplish this without having to monitor the service desk constantly and create/assign issues to specific people?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 24, 2020

How many program managers do you have?   Is there a field on the form that will allow you to distinguish who it should go to?

We have under a dozen program managers at this time, but that number will likely increase. 

Attached is a screenshot showing the options currently in the form. There is an option to "Select your Program Manager" at the bottom of the list, but even when an individual is selected from this drop-down menu, they do not receive an email notification of a service desk request.

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 3.47.03 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 24, 2020

Yes, they will not receive an email.  I am assuming that the program manager will need to participate on the issue as well.  I would just add an automation that added the individual in the select program manager field as a request participant on issue create.  I am not sure that they would get the create email but would assume so.  If not you could add that to the automation as well.

Is it absolutely necessary that an issue be created? Can't the question simply be answered within the Service Request Queue?

My primary worry is service desk requests falling through the cracks because program managers may not constantly monitor the Service Desk interface but will respond more promptly if they immediately receive a direct email when a request is entered by one of their clients (many of whom may not actually log in to send the service desk request).

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 24, 2020

When a user submits a service request it creates a Jira issue.  What you are calling a service request in the queue is the same as what I am calling an issue.  

So is the program manager the individual who will be assigned the issue and work it in the service desk queue?

Yes, that is correct.

Even when a program manager has been designated as an "assignee" for an issue in the service desk, they aren't receiving an email notification (and the alert notifications in their account have been properly set, too)

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Nov 24, 2020

That is odd.  can you used this document to double check your setup:

Your first step might be to go to the very bottom of the article and use the notification helper to check and make sure that they can get an email.

Thanks, Brant, the notification helper solved the problem with the notification.  

My question still remains though:

How can the right person be notified immediately after a customer submits a help desk request? Is there a way to accomplish this without having to monitor the service desk constantly and create/assign issues to specific people (as seen in screenshot?) 

Basically, I am trying to reduce a step in the procedure and insure that clients receive the fastest response possible.

Apologies for still not understanding this.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 5.03.20 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 02, 2020


  You would have to use an automation or a workflow step (this would require an app) to accomplish this.  You can easily create an automation that would make the program manager as the assignee.  The issue you could run into is if someone chose a program manager that was not an agent on your service desk then the assignee would not be able to be made.

Ok, got it. What app are you referring to?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 03, 2020

We have used scriptrunner or JSU in the workflow to accomplish this but you can also use automation which does not require an app.

How do I use automation?

Thanks for the link, I am starting to understand the process of creating an automation.

Could you go into a bit more detail regarding how to make the program manager that the client selected in the service desk form the assignee? The screenshot below illustrates the options currently available in our form.

Thanks for all your help with this!

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 11.44.13 AM.png

0 votes
Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 03, 2020

In the project go to the project settings and select automation.  You can then create a new automation.  The rule will need to run when an issue is created.  You will need to specify the criteria that defines if it is applied such as issue type, initiator is the customer, etc.   For your they function choose assign the issue to and then use another field value or comment, use the field select program value to use and then click save.  You will then want to test your automation.

Ok, I don't see an option to assign the issue to the user specified in the customer form (see screenshot). What am I missing here? Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 1.25.49 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 03, 2020

What is listed under your values to use?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 03, 2020

Sorry that is my bad.  You will need to use edit issue.  Under choose field to set select assignee.  Then under assignee you will need to change it from unassigned to Copy from issue.  Then click the three dots on the right and select copy from.  Then click the Copy Assignee from Current issue and under Issue to copy value from leave it on current issue.  Then change Field to copy value from to your custom field.

Can you walk me through how to get to "Edit Issue"? Do I have to create a rule?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 04, 2020

Under project settings you will need to go to Automation.  Here you will need to create a new automation.  It should look like this.


Despite creating an automation and following your directions, the program manager still is not receiving the email. The user only receives an email once I assign the issue directly in the service desk. 

Pulling my hair out here, what am I doing wrong? Attached is a screenshot of the automation I created.Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 2.58.33 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

Is the automation successfully making the assignment?

No, the issue isn't assigned until the I assign it directly from the service desk.Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 4.21.29 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

So it is not with what you have currently setup.  See notes below, make these changes and let me know how it goes.


It is still not sending the email to the selected program manager in the service desk request.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 4.48.24 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

Who is your rule actor?  Also is the creator and the assignee different users?  And are you not the program manager as I am assuming you are making the issue.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

Can you share a test screenshot of the issue after it is created.

I am utilizing our admin account to make the automation. Yes, the creator of the issue and the assignee are different users. The creator of the issue would likely be an anonymous user utilizing our service desk portal and the assignee would be the program manager that the user selects in the help desk form.

This is the service desk request (that needs to initiate the email to the program manager) that is filled out by the anonymous user :Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 5.08.56 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

I don't think that would be it.  Can you screenshot a test issue and screenshot the notification scheme being used by the project.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

OK so that one the assignee was not applied.  Is the account you are using for the program manager also an agent on the service desk?  Did the automation run to success on the newly created issue?

Yes, the program manager is a service desk agent.

By "did the automation run to success" do you mean did the manager receive a notification? or where they assigned the issue? The answer is no to both.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

No, if you look at the logs on the automation what does it show?

Could the issue be the initiator? When making the test service desk request, I did so anonymously. What role should I assign for anonymous users?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

Can we see the show more.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

you posted TSD-17 above.  Can you show me TSD-20.

Here is a more detailed screenshot after I selected automation in the lower right.

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 5.41.12 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

TSD-20 does not have a program manager selected.  Can you create a test ticket now that you made the change that has a program manager selected.

A program manager was selected as you can see here:

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 5.53.18 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 10, 2020

in the screenshot above it was not selected.  Can you please create a new issue where the program manager is selected at the time of submission and see what happens.  

What am I missing? I very clearly selected the program manager. I really am trying to understand what I am doing wrong here and thanks for your help.


Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 9.52.18 PM.png

This is the form where program manager is selected. Still no notification.Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 9.55.27 PM.png

FWIW, the rule "Actor" is listed as Automation for Jira. Is that the correct setting?

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 10.33.48 AM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 12, 2020


  I built out everything out and it seems that you have it configured correctly.  The issue I ran into and I believe that you are having is the condition reporter is a customer.  If I used a test customer account to send in the request it works perfectly.  If I tested raising a request on behalf of someone else then it would not work. I believe this is how you are raising the request.  So you can either use a test account or remove the condition and you should see the results that you want.  

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 14, 2020

Were you able to get this to work?

Sorry for the late response...

In the above TSD-20, I submitted it as an anonymous user in the service desk.

Our clients will most likely be submitting the requests as an anonymous user through the service desk portal. How should I set the reporter in the automation to account for this?

Thanks for your help!

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

Just remove the reporter is customer feature and I believe you will be good to go.  You might want to limit it to certain request types that this will be happening on if it does not apply to all requests.

Unfortunately, it still didn't work, still no email notification. See below screenshots for details.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.01.12 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.00.09 AM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

You issue was not assigned so no email would have been sent.  You need to look and see why the assignment is not occurring.  

Isn't the automation that I created supposed to assign it to the selected program manager? Could the problem possibly be the "assign using balanced workload" automation setting? Is there a better setting to use?

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

It should but it all depends on how you have the automation configured.  I looked back through the screenshots and never saw a automation that was correctly configured.  You need to make sure the field you are editing is the assignee field.  You then copy from your Select Program manager on the current issue.  I added a screenshot of my edit rule below.  You would change tests user picker JSD to select program manager.  You need to make sure it is the Assignee field.  As stated before you were using the wrong field.


Program Manager is not given as an option in when I try to select the assignee.Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.41.25 AM.png

Program manager is only given as an option in the "choose fields to set" list.Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 11.46.57 AM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

choose assignee and then select the three dots on the right and choose copy from.  This will get you the option to copy from another field.


-I selected Assignee

-Selected "copy from"

-No additional fields displayScreen Shot 2020-12-15 at 12.08.54 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 15, 2020

Once you select copy from it should look like this

Capture.PNGYou will then need to click copy assignee from current issue to get additional options.  If you have your custom field configured correctly it will show up as an option to copy from.


These are the only fields displayed. Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 12.42.13 PM.png

How do I make sure my custom "select program manager" field is configured properly? These are the fields I currently have set up

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 1.01.39 PM.png

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 16, 2020

Here are the steps I took to get it to work.  

I added a custom field it has to be User Picker (single user)

I then associated that custom field with the proper screen(s) on the project -

Once the custom field was made I added it to the form and setup my automation.

1. I created the User Picker custom field, and associated the field with all available screens.

2. However, when I try to add the custom Select Program Manager field on the customer Tech Support form (2nd pic), it does not display as an option in the bar on the right. What now?


Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.58.07 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-12-17 at 11.55.43 AM.png

0 votes
Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 17, 2020

You need to make sure that you have added the field to the create screen for the issue type associated with the request type.  Once you have done this you can add it to the request form.  You can check the screens by going to project settings -> screens

How do I add the field? I don't see the custom field I created as an option.

0 votes
Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 17, 2020

Sorry I just looked at the screenshot above and you are using a next-gen project.  Let me take a min and get the steps put together for you.

0 votes
Brant Schroeder Community Leader Dec 17, 2020

@Allison Beaudry I am sorry I should have noticed that you were using a next-gen project.  Is all you should have to do is change it from current issue to trigger issue and then you should see your field that you originally created and not the custom field that you had.  


Ok, sounds like we are getting on the right track. I completed your steps and once I selected Trigger issue, the custom field I just created did display (but not my original field).

Despite this, I still tried to edit the request form screen and I still do not see my custom "Select Program Manager" field in the edit request form screen, though. 

I created another new test anonymous service desk request and still no assignment occurs.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2.17.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2.21.53 PM.png

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