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Kanban permissions - let people only see the issues assigned to them Edited

HI @all,


I am new to Jira and do manage 10 freelancers. I have to give them tasks in kanban boards every few days. But I need one central Kanban board where I see all things together. They should only see the tasks I assign to them while I see all tasks i created.


Is there any tutorial for absolute beginners (I am 10 minutes into Jira) that teaches me how to do it? Could you give me some advice?


Thank you very much!

Best, Sebastian

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Joe Pitt Community Leader Oct 19, 2017

You need to use security schemes. If you are assigning them the issues you can use the Assigned and project lead (if that is your role) option. The scheme can automatically be assigned during creation.  

I cant find "security schemes" do you mean "permission schemes" or "issue security scheme"?

What exactly you mean with 'them' in  "If you are assigning them the issues"?

I created one issue security scheme but i dont see a button that lets me assign this issue security scheme to issues. Where can i select the issue's to assign the scheme to them?

@Joe Pitt In issue security scheme I don't see options for "project lead" or "Assigned"


sorry that i couldnt directly get it, I'm new to jira. Could you please add a few words?

after trying for a while I think I achieved something very similar! So your sentence have been helpful !

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@Sebastian Krieger 

Do this

1. Go to issue search screen and find the filter for the project

2. Copy it and set permission for youself only

3. Go to your board (the original one) and go to board settings

4. copy the board to a new one - the private one

5. go the the settings and change the board filter ("saved filter") to the one you created in step 2

6. Once you change it you should see Shares->"No shares"

This board should be accessible to you only and any filters created there will be visible to you only.

1. Go to issue search screen and find the filter for the project

--> I went to the issue search screen

--> Since I could not find "the filter for the project" in the page I created a new filter selecting one task and saved it

--> edit: now I got the idea that you probably referred to a filter selection with like all issues of the pecified board using advanced search

2. Copy it and set permission for youself only

--> On the whole page I could not find a "copy filter" button

--> but when I click on "details" beside the newly created filter I can see that permission is for myself already

3. Go to your board (the original one) and go to board settings

--> Iam in board settings now

4. copy the board to a new one - the private one

--> On the whole board-settings page I cant see a "copy board" button

--> edit: I think you meant I go to "view all boards" and copy the board there using the "..." button on right hand side

5. go the the settings and change the board filter ("saved filter") to the one you created in step 2

--> done

6. Once you change it you should see Shares->"No shares"

--> yes, exactly


WOW NICE, IT WORKS!!! thank you very much !! And by the way I learned a useful technique how to use the filters! Thank you :DDD

Good to hear that ;)

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Peter DeWitt Community Leader Oct 18, 2017

@Sebastian Krieger, you can use quick filters and that will allow each person to see there own issues.



Thank you very much for your fast answer!

Unfortunately somehow the link doesn't work for me can u resend the Link somehow and I will directly check it!

Best, Sebastian

@Peter DeWitt

For me it seems quick filters do not 100% set security settings so that the different contractors can not(!) see in any way the tasks that are not assigned to them.


My goal is "to restrict tasks visibility/access between contractors". So Iam sure that they can only(!) see their own issues even if they try to break out 


Do you have any idea regarding this? Some tutorial that maybe starts at beginning since Iam just few minutes into Jira..

If you want to restrict tasks visibility/access between contractors Quick Filters won't help you.


If that is not an issue (contractors can see each others tasks) you can use:

1. Quick Filters

2. The Agile Board FIlter plugin 

"If you want to restrict tasks visibility/access between contractors"


-> Exactly this is what I want


How could I do it?

Hi @Sebastian Krieger,


Have you solved your use case using permission schemes?

Or you still need help?



@Przemyslaw Chudzinski [extensi]

Partly yes. People can now only see issues they created or I assign to them. But I have made 5 quick-filters for tickets regarding 5 major clients who are 100% never allowed to know that each other exists (like "secret company name" - filter).

But now they can see all my filter-names (though they cant see the tickets). Where is the option to disable filter names for them? or at least hide filters created by me for them? I mean in this board are additionally all my private cards as well (with their quick filters)...

Best, Sebastian

You can try out my plugin which introduces Private Quick Filters


Noone will be able to see how you filter the board or backlog.

Thank you for the hint! Just do you know how to solve the following things?

1) Iam only a single freelancer and I am using the cloud Version (I also do not know or want to do effort to host myself). So can I activate private filters in the cloud somehow?

2) the 10$ for few users is one time or monthly? I would not be very happy to pay it every single month since Iam just a single freelancer and the only thing of the add on would be private filters.

3) Maybe it was in the video but just to be sure: I could put the private filters without beeing hidden, by dropdown or so, directly scattered out above my board/backlock, right?

4) If the plugin can't work in the cloud version: How can I achieve my use case without the plugin?

1) No - server only - you can check for server hosting


2) server - one time,  cloud - not avaliable


3) yes


4) Don't use quick filters

Cloud Solution:

a) create a second private board for you only and noone will be able to see your quick filters - in borad configuration you can set permissions.


b) use the issue search screen instead of board

I created a second board. As project I choose the big project used before, so I can see all issues of this project and as board location I set my own profile. But the other users now automatically see this board, including its quick filters. Even though they cant see any issue in it. In board configuration I do not see any permission things. I only see them inside project settings. And in the project permission scheme page I do not see any option to hide the filters only for certain users..

Using search instead of quick filters is indeed an option though this takes away a big amount of usability in daily life. I do have hundreds of tasks and need to be able to filter.

Regarding the atlashost option this would increase my monthly costs by 600% from 10$ to 60$ and I would still have "No server access" (dont know if i need this for plugins...)

nic Community Leader Oct 23, 2017

Correct, permissions belong to projects and issues. 

Filters in general have their own permissions to say who they can be shared with. 

Boards are the same as filters, they can be shared with projects or groups.  Quick-filters are part of each board, so they don't need permissions, they're simply on the board.

That's why you need an add-on if you want private filters.  The application doesn't do them off-the-shelf.

So "filters" and "quick-filters" are something different?


"Filters in general have their own permissions to say who they can be shared with [...] they can be shared with projects or groups"

-> so I could share filters (what ever this is) with groups ? And groups according to my knowledge can include users? So I could make a group, add only myself in there, and then share filters with myself using the group. But probably these filters are not appearing on my board...

mh... I dont get why atlassin doesnt enable that trusted plugins can be installed on their cloud instance. I mean are there really many people who want to take the effort of self hosting as individual freelancers or so? Evernote, google etc. none of them allow self hosting to my knowledge..

now I renamed the quick-filters but i see that the people can still see the quick-filter-definition in the board settings which i somehow cant hide from them. So I guess I have to remember a bunch of secret code labels to identify each company/client/contractor. Using the secret codes not only as filter name but also each time when adding labels. Thats gonna be unintuitive and not exactly what I expected from a software branded as "granular rights for everything" . Though it seems to be the best software available for my use case.. 

And except this thing Iam really happy with the rest (backlog rights etc. options). If some other ideas come up or so I'd be interested of course.. Meanwhile I gonna start learning the secret label codes..

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Sorry for the late chime in here - is it possible to adjust the spelling of Kanbab to Kanban in the subject of this string?  

thank you! :)

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