Jira Issue Collector with Custom Sprint suddenly returning Permissions Issue

Warren Sergent May 14, 2024

We have had a Jira Issue Collector in place for years, with all tickets created via the collector being placed into a specific non-active Sprint in the backlog, to allow them to be quickly grouped and found in the backlog.

This has worked completely fine for the whole time we have had this Collector in place, using the following:

window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS = $.extend(window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS, {
fieldValues: {
customfield_10900: '2718', // Sets the Sprint to 2718, which is the "Issue Collector Submitted Tickets" sprint.


Recently, the Issue Collector has stopped working. Testing it now, it returns the following error:

"errorMessages":[ ],
"customfield_10900":"We couldn't make that happen because you don't have Schedule Issues permission."

Looking at the Project Permissions, I can't edit those in the Schedule Issues group, as we are using a Free license of Jira, and it asks me to upgrade. This has been working previously using the Free license with no issues.

Nothing else has changed on our end recently.

Is this a new permission issue, and is there a known workaround?


Further testing notes:

I have the Issue Collector set up to use a specific user as Reporter - that user is an Admin, and is able to create issues in a Sprint (Administrators has Schedule Issues permission)

We also have field 'Match reporter?' set to 'Attempt to match submitter email address'

If I try to submit an Issue via the collector - it allows me to do so, so long as the email address I enter matches one of the users who has Schedule Issues permissions. In our case, they are: 

  • Project Role (Administrators)
  • Project Role (atlassian-addons-project-access)
  • Project Role (Developers)
  • Project lead

Note that Create Issues has these permissions:

  • Project Role (Administrators)
  • Project Role (atlassian-addons-project-access)
  • Project Role (Developers)
  • Project Role (Users)

If I enter the email belonging to any non-Admin users (i.e. those in the Project Role 'Users'), it fails due to lack of Permissions.

Now - I can't change the permissions on the Project under the People tab either. It's asking me to Upgrade.

To make matters worse - the issue collector is SUPPOSED to allow anyone (even non-Jira users) to submit tickets. If the supplied email doesn't match a User, then it is supposed to fallback to the Reporter set on the Issue Collector itself, which has the correct permissions. You don't, and shouldn't need to be an actual user (let alone an Administrator) to use our Issue Collector!

Is my only solution, under the Free plan, to remove the 'Attempt to match submitter email address' setting?



As it turns out, my Default Reporter was not in the Administrators group. Adding this user to that group, non-user email addresses are now able to submit Issues, as it defaults to the Default Reporter.

However, if I use any other actual User in the systems email address (other than those in the Administrators group), the Issue Collector fails, because those users are not Administrators.

We only have a small group of Users (Free license limits to 10, but we are less than that), and all of the users are Trusted enough that I could add them to the Administrators group, but this surely cannot be the best solution to our problem.

(and No, I can't add them to a group with 'Project Role (Developers)' permissions, as the project doesn't have anyone matching that Role under the People tab, and again, I can't modify those permissions, as we're on a Free license)


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