JQL to exclude o filter incidents created during non-working hours and weekends

Rokas May 21, 2024

Hello Jira Experts,


I am have some issues in Jira reports, I am trying to filter incidents created during non-working hours (from 18:00 to 22:00), excluding weekends. 
JQL should be:issuetype = Incident AND created >= startOfDay() ORcreated <= startOfDay() + 22h OR NOT (created >= startOfWeek() + 1d or created <= startOfWeek() + 2d)

But it doesn't work.... Maybe someone knows where is the issue?

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Dimitris Sylligardakis May 21, 2024

Hi @Rokas ,

So, unfortunately, JQL doesn't natively support time-based filtering or complex logical operations like excluding weekends directly. However, we can approximate this by breaking down your query and using available JQL functions.

Here's a way we can approach this (hope it helps you):

Filter by Working Hours (18:00 to 22:00):

    • Jira does not support direct time filtering in JQL. You'll need to use a workaround by filtering issues created within a range of days and then manually excluding weekends.

Exclude Weekends:

    • Use the startOfWeek() and endOfWeek() functions to filter out weekends.

Here's an example JQL query that might help you get closer to your goal:

issuetype = Incident AND (


        created >= startOfDay("+18h") AND created <= startOfDay("+22h")

    ) AND (

        created >= startOfWeek("+1d") AND created <= startOfWeek("+5d")



What the above does:

  • created >= startOfDay("+18h") AND created <= startOfDay("+22h"): This part filters issues created between 18:00 and 22:00.
  • created >= startOfWeek("+1d") AND created <= startOfWeek("+5d"): This part filters issues created from Monday to Friday.

This query will include incidents created between 18:00 and 22:00 on weekdays.


  • This query assumes the current week. If you need a more dynamic range (e.g., last week, last month), you'll need to adjust the date functions accordingly.
  • JQL does not support exact time filtering or complex logical operations, so this is an approximation.

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