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I am using JIRA v7.4.1. Today one of my projects cannot be seen outside the administrator area any more. That means,

I can see all the project settings, incl. roles and permissions, in the administrator area, however, - in the user area - no issues of the project are selectable, no trace of the project can be seen.

However, if I want to recreate the project, Jira mentions that "A project with that name already exists.".

And yes, I already checked roles & permissions: I definitely have sufficient rights to see the project.

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We came closer the the cause of the problem: Access to our JIRA is done by an Active Directory group, currently with some 800 users. The issue occured when the synchronization provided only some 20 users from the 800. Thus, the access group has been cut! And some time later, the synchronization was complete again, so the issue dissappeared.

We will investigate with the our architect why the response of the AD server is not complete.

A restart of Jira did not solve the problem. However, on the next day, the project was visible again. Thus, the problem is not there anymore. Nevertheless, it is weird that the project was not visible.

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