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Is it possible to add fields to the Zephyr "Test Execution" screen?

Users want to be able to view the native "Description" field and a custom "Preconditions" field while executing the test. Is there a way to add these fields to the Test Execution screen?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Guy,

Currently there is not a way to add any custom fields to the Test Execution screen in Zephyr for JIRA. I am going to add this to our feature request list. What this means is that our product team will review the idea and decide whether or not to add it in a future release. Currently this is only the second or third time this has been requested so it is a new item to our feature request list. The resaon I am letting you know this is becuase if our product team does decide to add it to Zephyr for JIRA it would not be a short term change.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for the quick response Emily!

I agree. In my experience would be almost unusable if you are unable to add a Precondition for each test case. I am not too sure how other people are able to write test cases without being able to add a precondition.

Please add this feature asap!!

Custom fields would be nice, but at a minmum it would be nice to see the test case name. (I just asked a separate question on this) Our list of unexecuted tests shows identical rows execpt for key. This makes it impossible to find the right one to execute.

This is a first priority request for us. Thanks.

@Emily Schneider This is an important feature that most of us looking for. Recently in one of the Atlassian User Group meetings, had a chance to talk to a lot of JIRA admins and invariably this seems to be one of the sought after features "To add custom fields in the Test Execution Screen".

Seems because of this feature not being available, many are moving out of Zephyr to the new one from a popular vendor (Do not want to mention the name). Even in my case, the business users are having a red flag for QC to Zephyr Migration because of the lack of this feature.

I appreciate you'll adding folders in test cycles in 3.6.2 which has eased a lot of troubles. However, without this our business users will not move in. We are on the verge of dropping a 10K user license for this issue. Kindly let us know when this feature is planned for release, is at least a beta available? 

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It looks like Emily is not active for more than a year. 

I hope Zephyr care enough to hnad over the role to someone else... 

I don't think so they care about it

@Arun Thundyill Saseendran - who is the other vendor? We are becoming frustrated with Zephyr's limitations and their endless promises to 'add it to the feature list' (some of the comments here are 4 years old!) and would like to move to a more involved provider. Can you please recommend another product?

Has there been any progress made on this? This is a make or break feature for executing test cases...that is both the ability to add fields to show on the execution page and the ability to add columns to search executions to include custom fields.

We're currently evaluating Zephyr plug-in to be used by a team of 7 QA engineers to manage thousands of test cases. It's crucial to know how many and what test cases were executed per a build. Unfortunately, after googling around I still don't know how to solve this challenge. Zephyr is lacking "Executed Build(s)" field on Execute Test dialog, the attribute important in test case execution. 
My hope was that I can use Comment field (either common Comment field or step Comment field in Execution) for that by simply entering free form text build number. BUT the problem is there is no way to search by Execution Comment field sad

Another execution field or just test field would be valuable - Time Spent on running a test case. This measurement is important in estimating time for various test cycles. 
If the community had same challenges and found workarounds, your insight would be appreciated.  

I second all of this. We need the exact same features.

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Another vote for the critical field of assignee to test execution.

Preconditions would also be beneficial.

Currently trialing Zephyr for Jira.  

Adding my vote here too. We need the ability to add custom fields to the execution screen and make them required.

I would like the capabliity to add a "Build Id" field to the Test Execution page. Generally, a test cycle encompasses 1 or more builds - it is useful to track the specific build a test failed on - and have the capability to run reports against that later. Please consider this enhancement.

Hello All,

Here are two current approaches to partically resolve this today:

1. Add any field to a Zephyr Testcase as a JIRA custom field. You can call them preconditions, postconditions... Have your JIRA admin make it and assign it to the Issue Type Testcase. It can be made on the create screen and view issue screen per JIRA administration.

2. I acknowledge this doesn't put these specific fields on the Zephyr for JIRA execution screen. We did recently move the description field to the execution screen. So you have a few places to work if you want to get this information on the execution screen today. These include a teststep you could clearly identify as a "precondition" instead of an actual test step. Here you would just read it and not execute it. Or you could put information in the testcase description field and label it accordingly.

As Emily said before, our developement team is considering adding the ability to put custom fields on the execution screen in a future build. However today - this is what I can offer as potential solutions.

Kind Regards,


Any update on this? People need this feature. Why is the test execution screen so limited in functionality?

To All...

Our team works with pre-conditions by adding it as a section to the description field, along with several other sections, and distinguishing each section by using markup (or markdown) editing (a feature that has to be 'enabled' in the description field). The description is always included in the execution view so the reference is available at the top of the actual test execution screen.

A little more detail... our 'Test' case/issue description field contains the user story, acceptance criteria, prerequisite condition/s, and could easily contain a 'post-condition' @Julien as/if needed. In markup it's formatted like this... with some basic examples:

  • *STORY*
    • As a new user of <whatever> online service. I need to register for an account and should expect to see <whatever fields listed below and/or at this Confluence link to a page containing fields, validation, requirements, etc.>.
  • *ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA* or *A/C* with the following sub-sections:
    • * Given: <I am a new user..., I am any user..., I am an admin user..., etc.>
    • ** Action: <I select the 'Complete Registration' button, etc.>
    • *** Result: <I am taken to the 'Welcome' page, etc.>
    • User is logged into the system
    • Test begins from 'User Profile' page
    • Test begins after running test X/Y/Z <JIRA-####>
    • Run test <JIRA-####> following successful execution of this test

The ' * ' above are part of the markup edits where *xxxx* causes a bold font appearance and '*, **, ***' add bulleted indentation. The <JIRA-####> represents the issue key containing the project abbreviation and issue reference # assigned by JIRA. JIRA 'really conveniently' auto-links anything with that format (at least in the description and comment sections).

While I love the JIRA customization we use and are developing... I have observed less OoB customization leads to:

  1. less development overhead - even for a dedicated JIRA admin/dev and because we are all deeply involved in so much else
  2. less potential for conflict in the event of a system or add-on/plug-in update issue (compatibility snag, issue-type reversion... ie. custom dev not 'playing nicely' with the new updates)
  3. less knowledge overhead - personnel training, random knowledge loss upon staff turnover, and the creeping condition of a SPoF
  4. ... and more.

So... again, we are customizing with success... but YMMV.

Meanwhile... our solution mentioned above is effective, incredibly useful, and rapidly implementable NOW.


- Gray -

hello, we too need our custom field "pre-condition" to be shown when the tester is executing the test as well as a custom field "adjacent components" that the person who is executing tests need to see.

I would like to add "Executed Build(s)" to the Test Execution screen, as said before, cycles can sometimes include a number of builds.  This could be worked around by having the cycle name include the build, but this would mean many cycles being defined and would change the nature of a cycle away from a period of time or a group of tests.

So generally the ability to add custom fields to test executions would be excellent.

Specifically, an "Executed Build(s)" field would be useful.

People need this feature. Please allow add fields to the Zephyr "Test Execution" screen

I vote for that too!

Several fields would be necesssary for me: Build ID, # Samples, Rationales, Pre-conditions, Conclusions....

Also, it would be good to have some of this fields required for executing!

This looks like a couple years old, is there a response from the product team?
Will this be implemented? If so when?
Has it maybe already been implemented in some newer release?

Having ability to add custom and visible fields is important, we may want to store such differentiating factors as environment as well as capabilities used for the test, localization indicator, etc etc

I would like this too. It sounds like an obvious feature. But we are two years down the line and I'm not holding my breath for any sign of it soon!

Same here, we are using Zephyr and waiting for this pretty obvious feature

Still waiting...

WE would like this as well. 

Please add the possibility to add custom information on the test run (precondition, requirements etc), a subset of the available fields existing on the testcase.

Currently trialling Zephyr and would definitely like to see this capability. Has there been an update on this since the original response from Emily in 2013!?

I vote for this feature as well. In our case, we would like to see pre-conditions in the test execution screen. Would be great if the Zephyr Product team could incorporate the flexibility to add fields onto the screen

I've given up waiting. It seems we are not being listened to. Instead I just add my own preconditions in the Description box instead.


+1 for this feature, It would greatly improve our use. Acceptance criterias and decision are missing. And basicaly, generic custmom field.


Why is this issue marked as 'Solved'? It's clearly not.

I vote for that new feature.

I need this feature too.

I vote too! Preconditions is essential part of test cases. Please, add it to feature request.

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