Integration requirements for Atlassian Analytics "Team DevOps effectiveness scorecard" dashboard tem

Niranjan Deshpande April 16, 2024

We have enabled a Atlassian datalake (with jira projects feeding into the datalake/datasource). 

When creating dashboards using the inbuild templates in Atlassian Analytics one of the templates we are looking to use is the 

"Team DevOps effectiveness scorecard" dashboard template

The deployment / devops related stats are appearing empty on the dashboard, because the tables (devops_XXXX) under the "DevOps" product family/schema of the JIRA database schemas do not have data.

We are looking for some guidance on how we can integrate our CI/CD (Azure DevOps) and code repository (Git, hosted on Azure DevOps) and developer workflow with JIRA so that JIRA's DevOps schema gets that data and the DevOps related dashboards show the statistics. We looked up on Atlassian official documentation but it mostly explains the dashboard but doesnot explain the "how" behind the integration with DevOps needed for the dashboard to show the data.

If anyone has used the DevOps related Atlassian Analytics dashboard template please share your experience. Would be helpful to get started. Thanks.

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