1.When a user is trying to login with multiple attempts then CAPTCHA is displaying a improper language with lamda expressions and lessthan ,greater than symbols.
2.In Many of the dashboard gadgets Same improper language is getting displayed in place of english.dashbaord.JPGCapture.JPGdashboard 2.JPG

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It looks like this is a very similar problem that can be seen in Linux environments that have removed/updated specific fonts from the Operating System.   As @Suporte Itamaraty noted for Jira this is tracked in:

We have had other reports of this in Confluence such as this thread:

In both cases, it appears that you can follow the work-around on the bug ticket to reinstall these fonts manually to correct this problem:

yum install ghostscript
yum install dejavu-fonts-common
yum install dejavu-sans-fonts
yum install dejavu-sans-mono-fonts
yum install motif



That's a new one to me!  So, some questions...

Is it happening for everyone, or just one user? 

Is it consistent?  If, for example, you go back to the pie chart again, are the labels the same rubbish, or do they change?

Can you check the "system information" page for any settings related to location, region or language - are they all consistent?

Similar to the one above, what is the database collation and character set?  (Should be on the system info page)

Are you behind a proxy?

What language has the user set in their profile?

Hello @Nic Brough [Adaptavist]

1.This is for everyone including admins.

2.Its consistent in dashboards and in CAPTCHA whenever we are refreshing CAPTCHA a new one is generating but with the same unknown language.

3.I checked in System info but database collation and charecter set im unable to find.

4.Our instance is inside the firewall

5.I checked all settings and all are fine.

6.We have test/Dev JIRA instance and i checked overthere and it is veryfine with out these errors or bugs.

7.Riased to atlassian and we use 6.3.1(end of life version) so they said they cannot support.

8.We are in plan of upgradation this month but this issue we have to resolve because its impacting many users.

So please help..if anyone can???


thank you.




Hello all,

Could anyody help me with this issue???



Can you go in user's profile --> Preferences and see what langauge is set over there? 

Although I doubt there could be an issue because of that but could you also see what your database charecter set and collation is? 

SELECT SCHEMA_NAME 'database', default_character_set_name 'charset', DEFAULT_COLLATION_NAME 'collation' FROM information_schema.SCHEMATA;

Hi in preferences it is english only

where i have to check this

SELECT SCHEMA_NAME 'database', default_character_set_name 'charset', DEFAULT_COLLATION_NAME 'collation' FROM information_schema.SCHEMATA;

Is there anybody that can help me???

Hi hash, 

The query I provided was to be run over your database, but I doubt it could be the problem as it is only happneing to you and not anyone else. 

What you could do is go to your cmd and flush the dns. 

ipconfig /flushdns

Hi Tayab,  Thank you

I did it ..but no use still we are facing same issue


Hello All,

Could anybody help..

We have 2 environments PROD AND DEV.

We are facing this issue in PROD only since one month.

All of a sudden sice yesterday we are facing same issues in our DEV instance also with out any major change.

Thank you.

Could you share the logs from DEV since yesterday? 
And also did you guy make any database changes?
And what's the result from the Database query I gave you?

Also could you confirm that English is the default language in General Configurations.

shortcut: g + g ---> General Configurations. 

If the default language is anything other than your preferred language, you can edit the settings, and update to whatever you want.



Unfortunately I dont have Backend access to check logs.That is owned by parent company .need to raise req for that.

We have not done any changes..But will check with that team again.

And for running that query also i dont have access..

What it will show if i run that query???

You need to look at the differences between production and test if one is ok and the other is not.  You'll also need to read the logs to see what it is doing.

Yes we will do that!

But We got same issues since friday in Test instance also bit worried

And checking to update JAVA version

Next checking for any firewall issues.

Next  i think we have to upgrade our server to latest.

You don't know what the problem is, so there's no way to know if an upgrade would help.

What are the logs saying when that screen is rendered?


Anybody believe that updating the JAVA might be a quick fix to some of the issues that we are having. 

( I know this talks about confluence but it is basically the same issue that is being experienced in JIRA)

No, because it's not a performance problem.  Plus, as you're on Jira 7.1, you're using Java 8 already.

Is there a reason you are not reading the logs?   Please?

We are actually now in JIRA 6.3.1 and Im unable to read logs because the backend is owned by parent company and i dont have access!

Ah, ok.  That's going to be a problem even if you upgrade - they're probably going to have issues doing the upgrade with an unknown error in place.

You really need them to give you the logs so you can work out what this is.

yes I raised for atlassian and i have sen them logs too and they replied like this..


Checking the logs provided, we could not identify any information that could point to a probable cause for this issue. One thing we still would like to check with you: does this issue persists is you access Jira from the server where it is running?

One other thing that we can test is to connect to Jira using a different connector, which uses default configuration. To do this, you can edit the JIRA-INSTALL/conf/server.xml file and remove the comment tags for the connector on port 8080. If this port is not available on the server, you can simply change the port to one available, but it is important to only change the port number. Once this is done, save the changes and then access Jira using the SERVER-IP:8080 or any other configured port.


what does this mean??

i really did not understood because i dont have backend access and i dont have networking knowledge..

please help me

You server would be installed on some Linux machine probably, right? 
So find out what that machine is, get the IP of that machine and access it through Remote Connection.

You should have the credentials of the admin account ideally. 

So once you make a remote access, open up the browser from there and access JIRA and verify if the problem persists or not.


Secondly, they are telling you to try running your instance on port 8080. In you server.xml file under JIRA-INSTALLATION/conf/ you must've commented out the tag for port 8080. 
So uncomment that and try running your instance on port 8080. Or any other port that is available. 

Server.xml should look something like this


Is there anybody who can help...

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