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I set swimlanes by assignee on the board and I can't change sub-tasks order

Is it a bug or we can't change the order of sub-taks in each name? 

for example user X has



3 (change the order 2nd sub-task should be the last)

there is no possibility to change that and we can change the order only when we're checking the board by story? I'm using kanban board. I saw also that order of bugs I can change, but sub-tasks not - anyone? 

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Are you trying to rank the sub-tasks outside the issue of which they are a part?

yes, but also sub-tasks that are in the one story - and when I'll go to the story I can use drag&drop to change the order of sub-tasks, but I would like to do that on the Kanban board too and unfortunately I can't. I don't know if there is a possibility to do that on the board when swimlines is by assigne 

I tested it because it's been a long time since I looked.

I can re-arrange sub-tasks (within their parent issue) on a kanban board, and the changes reflect on the issue when that is refreshed.

I've tested with a Kanban board, with a filter that says "order by rank" in a company-managed project. (it stops working if the order is not by rank, which is not unexpected, but not a problem because boards aren't that useful unless ordered by rank)

Is that what you are using?  Can you confirm your board config - is it a CMP, ordered by rank?

yes it is ordered by rank  and I can't reorganize sub-tasks so you confirm that in your case it's ok so in my situation there is some problems (I should have the possibility if I'm using swimlanes by assignee) 

Ah, one thing I don't think I've said enough about - is it ordered only by rank?  There are no other orders in it?  (i.e. it is something like "project = xyz order by rank", and not ""project = xyz order by rank, priority").  Doesn't matter if the rank order is ASC or DESC though.

Like Jack Brickey likes this

it's not that.. I have order by... the problem is that on the board I can't do drag&drop to switch two task (to change the order of execution of two tasks) directly on the Kanban Board

Bharathi Rising Star Sep 06, 2022

You should be able to drag and drop the cards by clicking on the card and changing their positions.

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

If you wish to order issues on your board you should add ORDER BY Rank ASC to your board's filter. Can you verify if this is your goal?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 06, 2022

I may still be misunderstanding your point here. However if I have ordered by rank and I have rank enabled then I can re-order tasks on the board using drag and drop. Do you get any error message when you attempt to drag and re-order issues?

RankingUsing Rank 

swimlanes by assignee

in the filter order by rank asc 

and I cannot :( I can only move sub-task to another column, not change the order for example in one person swimlane 

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 12, 2022

I guess I need to see a video of this as it is working for me. I come back to what Nic initially asked. As long as you are trying to reorder subtasks within the context of it's parent then you should be able to do so. You cannot move a singular isolated subtask, for example. Meaning, if you have three subtasks two assigned and one unassigned and swimlanes by assignee the the unassigned will be in the Unassigned swimlane and it cannot be reordered. However the two assigned can be reordered in the associated swimlane within their parent association.

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Bharathi Rising Star Sep 06, 2022

Hi @Katarzyna Kowalska,

If I understand correctly, you can change the order by including an "ORDER BY" clause in your board's filter query. This helps in listing the sub-tasks based on the field represented in "ORDER BY <field name>".


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