How do I associate Field Configuration Schemes with one Issue.

I have one Project with several custom forms (Issues/Screens/Custom Fields) I've made.  But one of these Issues I want to have Required fields associated with it. 

Now, when I go to Field Configurations > Configure then make the custom fields Required, they make them required for every form in my Project, even forms that don't have these fields associated with them – which I find annoying.

I then thought of copying the Field Configuration and making it's own Field Configuration Scheme then associating it with the Issue Type in my Project but, unfortunately, I cannot find a simple way to do this.  It only allows one type of Field Configuration Scheme to be associated with an ENTIRE Project, not by Issue, which I find even more frustrating.


If anyone has any advice on how to simply associate Required to my Custom Fields for one, specific Issue then please point me in the right direction.  I'd rather not create a whole new Project just to make a few Required  fields work for an Issue.  I'd like to keep a tightly structured JIRA ticketing service.

SEE IMAGE – The only thing I want to do here is change the Field Configuration.  Is there a way to do this for ONLY Offer Request Form?!

Thank you.Snip20150616_40.png 

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No, you're imagining a link between your screens and field-configuration.

A screen is a list of fields that will appear when the screen is called by something (transition, create, edit or view issue).  A field configuration defines behaviour of every field for an issue type.  It has nothing to do with the screens.

The other thing I think you've missed is that the link from field configs to issue types is two layers.

A field configuration defines all the behaviour of all the fields.  This is completely abstract, it has no links to anywhere, it's just a list.  A field configuration scheme tells JIRA what field configuration to use for each issue type (for example, config 1 for Bugs, Features and Insects, config 2 for Improvements, config 5 for stories and requests, and so-on).  Once you have a field configuration scheme you apply that to a project and all the issues within that project will start using the defined field configurations for their type.

Note:  I just figured this out but I want to post this to help future generations of JIRA users.

I understand what Screen, Field Configuration and Issue Types are and how they work.  I grasp this.  Regarding your answer and in relation to my question, the last sentence you posted is all I'm concerned with.  

I wanted to know if there was a way to apply a Field Configuration Scheme to an Issue Type as opposed to a Project.  I don't want to create an entirely new Project dedicated to one Issue Type because that seems absurd.  JIRA should have the capability to associate my newly created Field Configuration Scheme to just one of my Issues.

Alternitively, I'd like to know a better way to create Required Custom Fields for just ONE of my Issues listed above, without it applying to ALL of my Issues.

Screenshots to show you what I'm dealing with here: 

  • THIS is what I wanted the whole time.


When I applied "Offer Request Form" to the ENTIRE Project, it would make ALL of my Issue Types require the Required Custom Fields, whether the Issue had them or not.

  •  For example:


ONLY Offer Request Form had these Custom Fields in their Screen.  But it would FORCE all other Issues to have these Required fields when applied to the Project.  Therefore, we couldn't create any tickets.




Issues > Field Configuration > Make a Copy of Default (with Required Custom Fields marked) I named it Offer Request Form 

Issues > Field Configuration Schemes >  Snip20150616_49.png > Now associate Offer Request Form with Offer Request Form

  • It'll look like this:

    Snip20150616_50.png j

go to Projects > Your Project > Issue Types > Snip20150616_53.png > Select Offer Request Form > OK

This will associate your Issue Type with your Field Configuration.  Finally.

whew a lot of steps for one simple task.  I hope this helps future Admins.

>I wanted to know if there was a way to apply a Field Configuration Scheme to an Issue Type as opposed to a Project. But that's utter nonsense - as I pointed out, a "field configuration scheme" maps a "field config" to an "issue type" - it contains issue types already, so trying to apply it to something within itself will accomplish nothing. I'm not sure your write up is a lot of use - it seems to start from some incorrect assumptions and is very unclear on what you're trying to achieve because it changes part way through.

I should reword that. I meant "Field Configuration" not "Field Configuration Scheme." Yes, it maps it to to the Issue but I had a problem because "Default Field Configuration" was the only thing associated with my Issues & Project. I needed all Issues to be associated with "Default Field Configuration" except for "Offer Request Form" -- which is the name of Field Configuration & Field Configuration Scheme. The Offer Request Form Field Configuration had Required Custom Fields associated with it. I had to create this separate Field Configuation because I needed Required Custom Fields. See the image I'm submitting below for clarity. END GOAL: To create Required fields in ONLY Offer Request Form. The method I listed above worked perfectly.

It's worth putting a new issue type in a different project if you want different issue keys between the two and if you wish to maintain separate user/group lists for the same role across different issue types.

Or simply to clearly differentiate between two distinct projects with similar but distinct business purposes.



Here's what happens when you use just one Field Configuration for the whole Project. (an example in my Project "WEB" I just threw in)  

Task (a default Issue), as you know, does not have a Custom Field called "Unanet Labor Category" but since making it required in the Field Configuration it won't let me submit ANY of my Issues.  So, to solve this, I had to create a separate Field Configuration Scheme, relate it to my Issue, then go to the Project and assign it to the Issue by the steps I listed above.

If you have a better methodology, please post it here.  

Again, the problem I need solved is How to create Required Custom Fields for a SINGULAR Issue without it applying to all of the Issues in my Project. 

You can't. You can only require fields for a singular issue TYPE

Oops, sorry, I meant to say, you can do it with validation on workflows, it's just field configs that won't do this.

This is exactly the problem I'm running into.  I still have not found a way to associate a field configurations scheme to a specific issue, where a project has multiple issues, each with their own field configuration far i'm stuck with 1 project to 1 field configuration scheme...this is not scalable.

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Field configurations are done at an issue type level.  Imagine a project (in JIRA speak).  It's a collection of config and issues.

Let's say the "issue type scheme" says that this project has four types of issues - Bug, Feature, Story and Task.

A field configuration is a set of rules about how fields behave when it is in use.  Let us assume you create three of these.  One you want to use for bugs and features, one for stories and one for tasks.

A field configuration scheme tells a project what to use.  It just says "use field config 1 for bugs and features, config 2 for stories and config 3 for tasks"

Short story: each issue type in a project can use its own set of fields.


Can we have a different field configuration schemes associated to different isue types in a project , or is this global

Nic... Let's back away from the intent and terms and look at the 'story', if you will.  I am having the same problem in that I have a Business Development Capture Issue Type.  When someone inputs the data, I want a number of fields to be required.  I did this by changing the Field Configuration.

Then I want to be able to add sub tasks to that issue.  I created a Business Development Subtask instance of the sub-task issue type.  After I have created my capture main issue, when I go to create the sub task, it does not show the fields in question (because I am using a different screen - which is the way I want it).  But when I click Create it shows an error at the top saying I have to enter data into the required field from the parent issue.

So it seemed to me that I needed a second Field Configuration and then to use Field Configuration Schemes to match each configuration to its proper issue type...

So the question is - given the story above - how is the 'right' way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

>But when I click Create it shows an error at the top saying I have to enter data into the required field from the parent issue.

No, it does not.  It gives you an error about the fields you have made mandatory in the sub-tasks.

You either need to put the fields on the sub-task screen, or, as you've already said, have a second field configuration for the sub-task types where the fields you don't want are optional.

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