Epic Link is not updated is not updated for customer request after updated for Linked Bug

Oded Tali April 11, 2024

I have a Bug which is linked to a Customer Request 

in the Bug level ,  Epic Link = X 

In JQL -  I can see for the Customer request,  Epic link = X (this is correct following the Bug/Customer Request linkage) 

Then, I update the Bug Epic link to Y 

Now in JQL the Customer request Epic link = X still  although it was updated in the Bug .

Any idea why  ? how can I have the last updated/current Epic Link in the JQL for the Customer request as well  ? 

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Dick April 11, 2024

Hi Oded,

What about doing a re-fetch of the issue after your bug-change?



Oded Tali April 11, 2024

Thanks Dick

As far as I understand, re-fetch is avaiable for cloud platform only (we use data center) and to be done by the admin 

any other way  ? or manual "re-fetch" somehow avaiable ?

Dick April 11, 2024

We're running Jira Datacenter 9.4.14 with Automation for Jira 9.1.1. 
You can find it under the blue action icons:


Oded Tali April 11, 2024

Any other way (even manual) not which can be done by a not-admin user ?

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