Challenges retrieving a comprehensive list of Atlassian Teams

Svetlin January 8, 2024

My team is trying to delete duplicate teams and we were reading through the community posts. For starters, to figure out the duplicate names, we need to first get a list of all our Jira Teams.

We checked this post:

It says there's some unofficial and undocumented API endpoint, which however, obviously did not work for us:


But it throws 401 error.

Another approach we tried is using the following URL:


But it seems to only show limited number of results and definitely not all our teams. E.g., if we put the limit to anything > than 100, it throws the following error:

'{"messages":["limit must be less than or equal to 100"]}'

See screenshots...
unlimited_access_unlimited_Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 13.25.29.png

We checked the developer documentation here, but for the corresponding get request, it states that the endpoint has been deprecated:\#queries_team

Querying with a GET like so via curl:

curl -u{API_KEY} -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://{INSTANCE_NAME}{ORG_ID}/teams/"

gets me the following:

{"type":"about:blank","title":"Method Not Allowed","status":405,"detail":"Method 'GET' is not supported.","instance":"/api/public/v1/org/{ORG_ID}/teams/"}%


So considering I checked virtually all existing forum threads on this and they did not help so far, do you think there is a way to get all your teams from your organization in bulk at once?

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Sean Thompson May 3, 2024

I am riding on the exact same struggle bus

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