Can't add item to Sprint Backlog - Goes against Scrum work pattern?

ben July 13, 2020

When a sprint has started, it's only possible to add in existing product backlog items to the sprint backlog.

However, Scrum states that the sprint backlog can be added to directly by the development team at any time, as they often need to elaborate on existing product backlog items, adding in requirements, tasks, etc.

The only way to currently do this is to add an item to the product backlog then move it to the sprint backlog.

This doesn't follow how it should work when using Scrum. Not all tickets need to exist in the product backlog first. It's quite longwinded having to workaround this, Any plans to change?


Expected behavour:
Add item directly to active sprint backlog


Actual behavour:

No 'add item' button available. Instead have to add to product backlog then reassign to current sprint. Not compatible with Scrum work patterns.

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Heather Phagan July 13, 2020

When I have the Sprints feature turned on for a next gen project, I can create new issues directly in the sprint. There is a create issue button under the sprint on the backlog page and there is a sprint field when creating an issue with the create button.

ben July 13, 2020

Does this work for you once the sprint is started?

Heather Phagan July 13, 2020

Yes, the sprint drop down on the create issue screen is always available. It'll warn you that the scope for the sprint will be changed if you select an active sprint, but it lets you add to it.

ben July 13, 2020

But you still have to add the issue to the main backlog, then change the sprint to the current sprint.

Which is a right pain, as you can't just type in items to the backlog, you have to edit each one as you add.

The current sprint has no "Add item" link, which it should.

Heather Phagan July 13, 2020

I guess it's just a matter of preference. The functionality is there, just not the exact way you are asking for it. The existing functionality using the Create button doesn't add the additional step you described.

Personally, if I'm creating a new issue that I want to go in the current sprint, I'd prefer to use the create button in the navigation bar at the top of Jira, because I probably have other details I want to enter besides the name of the issue. The create button allows me to put in all the details and specify that it goes into the current sprint. It's also present on any screen, so I can use it directly from the board and don't have to be on the backlog page. I can also use it from the backlog page, so it's not really different from the create issue link you are asking to see for an in-progress sprint.

Not having the Create issue link on the backlog page under an active sprint prevents you from unknowingly, accidentally adding an issue to your current sprint.

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