Can no longer carryover incomplete stories. Getting "Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks"

Using onDemand service. In the past 2 weeks, the "Complete Sprint" functionality has changed. Before: closing a sprint with incomplete stories would automatically place these stories atop of the backlog. Now: getting the "Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues" error.

Workaround we've started using: removing all active stories from the active sprint and then completing the sprint. But this is not very effecient.

Does anyone know why the change?

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This is actually a new bug -

It seems that Greenhopper is not able to automatically move those sub-tasks to the backlog following the most recend update. Currently, the workaround is to manually remove them (as detailed on that bug report).

This is a critical bug. It makes it impossible to properly carry over unfinished work from one sprint to another, because by removing the story from a sprint, you lose the history. I hope you guys are fixing this ASAP!

Thanks Danny! David, yes, this is a new bug, not the one reported in . This was not a problem 2 weeks ago, when we closed our last sprints. Can you help filing a bug on it?

This is currently blocking me from ending my sprint. Please fix this ASAP.

Hi Olga,

I actually filed that bug yesterday for this exact scenario. The only workaround currently is to manually remove the issues from the sprint, or close and re-report that sub-task, though I realize this will affect the reports.

The bug has been addressed in the code and we are working to get this released to OnDemand customers ASAP.



An updated version of GreenHopper ( that fixes this bug is being pushed out to OnDemand now.


I'm getting this same bug again!




Same problem with the download version of Jira.

"Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues:"

I want to move the stories with uncompleted sub-tasks to the next sprint.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Drazen,

which version of Jira and Jira Agile are you using?

Best regards,

Hi Peter,

I will. I post the result here afterwards.




Upgraded to 6.1.2. Problem solved.

Thank you for your support.



This started happening today on my sprints. Is this a global problem?

Hi Marike

You can check our documaentation here: and look for the topic To end the active sprint.


Ricardo Carracedo.

Hi Olga

When you try to close a sprint, and you have parent issues not Done but all sub-tasks are Done, or visa-versa, you will be prompted to make the parent Done before continuing. For issues to be interpreted as 'Done' on your Scrum board their status needs to be mapped to that column, so if you're receiving errors for parents or sub-tasks that you believe are in fact Done, ensure that they are mapped correctly. Also there is a feature request to that functionality be implemented. So I believe it was just a casuality that you had the subtasks all completed or all incompleted.


Ricardo Carracedo.

This is not what is happening for us (I work with Olga). We have a story that is not done, because it has an unfinished task, and when try to complete the sprint we get an error, rather than the unfinished story being returned to the backlog. T

This is a BUG.

Hi Ricardo,

Perhaps Olga is having the same problem I am, so I'm hopping in here. My incomplete stories have a status of "To Do" have tasks that are "In Progress". These status are mapped on my rapid board, but I am not able to close out the sprint. Any ideas?



Yes, we are having the same issue. We have a story with a task that is "in progress" (although "to do" exhibits the same issue), and it is preventing the sprint from being closed out.

I have this issue with "Open/Unresolved" stories that have only "Open/Unresolved" subtasks.

This is an absolute showstopper right now, as we're evaluating JIRA OnDemand at the moment. Made me look like a complete fool today, trying to close a sprint.

The workarounds of removing from issues from sprint, or closing and reopening them look like "fudging the numbers" to our customers. This is going to call our integrity into question.

So, how soon is the bug fix going to be pushed out to the on demand site. We are waiting to closed out 5 sprints, and would prefer not to use the workaround. Any projected release time?

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Daniel, I've asked that question on the reported bug, and if you add yourself as a watcher to that you will be notified of any updates.

Wanted to confirm that the issue is now fixed. We were able to close the remaining sprints this morning. Thanks Atlassian for the quick turnaround!

Hi Peter,

Jira: 6.0.6 Build 6105

Jira Agile: 6.3.4

Thank you in advance,


Hi Drazen,

Could you upgrade your Jira to the latest version (6.1.2), I hope that should solve it.

Best regards,



I'm using a hosted cloud instance and am experiencing this issue? How do I receive this fix please?



Hi Paul,

Are you using Jira Ondemand? Or a hosted solution provided by another party?

Best regards,


Hi Peter, I'm using ondemand.



I am having this problem on my OnDemand instance as well. I am trying to close a sprint that has a subtask open on a story and it provides the error shown below. Please advise how to resolve this issue?

Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues:

  • CTP-2427
  • CTP-2677
  • CTP-2806

Is there any response on this issue this is hampering our work schedule?

I upgraded my system to v6.1.2 and I'm still receiving the mesage:

"Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues"

Need help urgently on this matter!


I'm having this issue on v6.1.7 hosted, it's extremely frustrating as we can't close our sprint.

We're in an evaluation period right now and this could be enough to turn us away.

I'm on downloaded Agile verion v6.3.7, and this is still happening. Was this supposed to be fixed already?

Similar problem just appeared with hosted version, but it is reporting this message for two issues that DO NOT have any open subtasks - all tasks either resolved or closed.

Also getting this issue

we are also getting this error on an issue that is closed and all subtasks are either closed or cancelled. We are on downloaded version (v6.0.4#6100-sha1:6b05df6)

I may have identified my issue. I had removed the 'closed' status from the Resolved column of my Agile swimlanes as I didnt want developers to close issues from the Agile Work view, but that left any closed issue as an 'unmapped status'.

The issues that caused the "Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues" message all had one sub-task in a closed state and others in a Resolved state - since adding the Closed status back into the Resolved column of the swimlane, the problem has not reoccurred (of course it may be that Atlassian changed something, but I think the co-incidence is too great).

FTR, I now ensure developers cannot close issues by changing their security permissions - this hides the 'closed' box from the Agile Work view (which was what my original intent had been).

I am having this same problem- trying to end a sprint, but getting a message that I am unable to because some sub-tasks are incomplete. My expectation is that I would get a message like "X tickets are done, y will be moved to the top of the backlog."

Jira On-Demand

Version 6.3-OD-01-067
Build Number 6307
Build Date Mon Mar 24 00:00:00 EDT 2014
Build Revision 0c6bf4cb130a3c876a5de7434028cd0b9e77ba80

Richard, that's the JIRA version my company is running on as well and JIRA Plug in version JIRA Agile v6.3.11.0 , but not getting the error message anymore.

I ran into the problem just today, so I know it isn't 100% fixed. I spoke with some colleagues about it and they say they see the problem sporadically, but can't figure out what the pattern is that causes it.

The issue was solved for us a few releases back. As of today, we are on the JIRA v6.3-OD-01-067 onDemand version and JIRA Agile v6.3.11.0 version for Jira Plug-in, and able to close sprint with incomplete stories (these get moved to the top of a backlog).

We are experiencing the same problem. Expected: Sprint is closed, incomplete issues are moved to next Sprint. Instead: Error message (image attached), Sprint is not closed. We are using OnDemand.

This is critical. Please advice.


Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 12.07.50 PM.png

I too ran into this issue today. Our project has very recently started using JIRA and I thought that this was perhaps expected behavior rather than a bug. Can anyone comment on whether or not this is expected behavior when incomplete subtasks exist??

I'm experiencing this issue - I cannot see any open subtasks on the issues listed in this error message:


"Sprint cannot be completed as there are incomplete subtasks on the following issues:"


I want to complete the sprint as all stories and subtasks are done but this error is preventing me from doing this.

Can anyone help with this please?

I am experiencing this as well

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