Calling JIRA Rockstars in the Bay Area

Keiichiro I'm New Here Sep 13, 2017

We are needing help setting up JIRA as a full Agile Project Management Tool.  In our office, the experience and expertise has only been centered around JIRA used for Product Development.  We would like to, and potentially pay for someone to come on-site, so that we can properly and appropriately develop JIRA for our needs.  Please contact me at your convenience:

Keiichiro Yoshida


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My sales guys tell me I should tell you that there are some Adaptavists in the area, and if they get stuck, they have access to about 150 other Adaptavists for help.

That, to me, feels like an advert, rather than help, so a better answer is for you to check out (and then come over to the Adaptavist side - we have beer and cookies)

Keiichiro I'm New Here Sep 18, 2017

Thank you Nic.  Hopefully we have a solution coming up soon with a meeting with cPrime tomorrow.  Will keep you posted - thanks for at least responding.  

Good choice, they're nice people :-)

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