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Automation for JIRA - Clear read only field

Is it possible to clear a "read only field" using Automation for JIRA ?

2 answers

This has been driving me nuts as well.

If you don't mind the field looking blank instead of showing "None", a possible workaround is to set the read only text field to a non-breaking space.  To generate the non-breaking space character, hold Alt and type 255 on your numeric keypad.

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Hi @EL AOUMARI -- Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

I suspect the answer is: no, that is not possible.

A field can be made read-only using screen schemes and removing the field from screens used after issue create (e.g. edit).  To modify the field later (with user edit, automation, etc.) would require it to be on the edit screen.

And why do you want to do this?  What problem are you trying to solve by changing a field which has been set up specifically to be read-only?

Kind regards,

Hi @Bill Sheboy thanks for your answer !


It possible to edit/modify "read only fields" with automation for jira, why isn't possible to clear them?

My apologies if I was unclear...I do not believe it is possible to edit/clear a read-only field with the automation rule.  

If a rule could change such fields you have configured to be read-only, that would defeat the purpose of making them read-only.

What are you trying to accomplish by changing a read-only field?  Knowing that may help the community to offer you suggestions.


Its possible to edit the value of a "read-only fields" with a Jira automation.

I believe that the purpose of "read-only fields" is: they can't be manually modified by the users...

I don't want to change the configuration I want it to be a read-only field but clear it in certain conditions.


What are you trying to accomplish by changing a read-only field? 

let say i have 2 fields one is a read-only called A, the other one is a list (with 3 options) called B:

1- if B is equal to option 1 I want A to display "foo" 

2- if B is equal to option 2 I want A to display "bar" 

3- if B is equal to option 3 I want A to be cleared


The scenario 1 and 2 are working properly but i can't get it to do the 3rd one

I hope that my situation is clearer :) 

Thanks for that information, @EL AOUMARI 

Honestly I am surprised that works, as errors often occur for the opposite situation: trying to edit a field with a rule which is not available on the views.

Have you tried a work around to clear the field, such a remove the existing value from the field?


@EL AOUMARI and @Bill Sheboy did you get this to work?

I thought I had this working but it does not seem to work for read only fields like Automation for JIRA to clear a field value (


"fields": {
"customfield_10584": ""



"fields": {
"customfield_10584": null

Don't seem to work but setting the value to a text value is working

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