Automated Jira Solution for setting an E-Release Fix Version of an Epic based on a change of its Due

naginisai413 May 21, 2024


  1. Upon setting or changing of a value of the field DueDate of an Epic the algorithm should remove the existing FixVersion “i3_E…” and the "MS..."
  2. and calculate and set the FixVersion of the next E release which can be reached based on this table, and the value of the “Release Package” field
    1. If the Releasepackage is in a configurable list which has columns in the config table: The "MS..." and, if defined in the table, the "E release" from the config table should be copied to the FixVersion field
      e.g. for an Epic with Release package “Gen20x.i3 SOP” and Due Date set between 2023, Dec 28th and 2024, Jan 11th (Start-End for Sprint 228/2023 W52), then for the FixVersion "MS 2024 Q1.1", “i3_E054.0” should be set.
    2. If the Releasepackage is in a 2nd configurable list of Release Packages, like "N/A", without E releases: Only the "MS..:" value should be copied to the FixVersion field.


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