Any way to automate workload amount based on user's time availability and due date?

Ian Balas November 27, 2018

Hey guys.

I created a Jira Software project for the marketing team at my job to track work progress for all of their projects. We also make use of Automation for Jira and the BigPicture Plugin.

We're currently trying to find a way to automatically allocate the amount of work a user has to do for a task or a set of tasks based on the due date and the actual amount of time the user has available from that point on until the due date. For clarification (hopefully), this is what the marketing coordinator requested via email:

"Say today, 11/27 we put a job in that's due 12/31. JIRA should be able to slot in the job as the person has time available. If that's not the case and it can't be done that way please let us know of other options that my work."

I'm pretty sure that this already possible to do in Resources in BigPicture with drag and drop. Is there a way to automate this at all? Whether Automation for Jira has to be used or not?

If this isn't possible, I'm open to any other alternatives that may work.



- Ian Balas

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