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Using Hipchat or Stride with JIRA

Hi all,

I've been reading up on HipChat and Stride.  We are using JIRA Cloud and if I go to sign up for Hipchat it takes me to the Stride page, so it looks like Atlassian is pushing Stride for the cloud.  Fair enough.

Either way I'm looking for some information on how either of them works with Jira.  Is it possible for example to create a discussion in Stride that is tied to a certain task in Jira?  A Jira task related chat if you will.  Appreciate any and all information I can get :)

Best regards,

Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC

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Hey Arnor, welcome to the community. 


In terms of connectivity, are you looking for chats to be directly linked/cataloged within a JIRA ticket? 

Current functionality is that you can link to JIRA tickets within chat items, but the chats aren't permanently logged anywhere. There is no linking from JIRA to Stride as far as I am aware. 

You can certainly create project-specific rooms that can later be archived though. I know there is a high level of integration on the roadmap for these two projects. In Stride, there is also the ability to create task lists, but those exist only within Stride's platform, and are not tied directly to functionality within any other applications. 

I'm happy to answer any other specific questions you have, I've been using Stride with JIRA for some time now. 

Hi Meg,

Thanks for replying!  So, what I'm looking for is a way for us to communicate about a specific task without cluttering up the comments.  Often times there is a fair amount of communication between me (developer) and the owner (project manager) both during specification stage and coding stage as we throw things back and forth.  We both participate in the design and development process a good deal and throw things back and forth all the time.  We have used email, but it's too easy to lose things and most importantly it's not linked to JIRA/Task.  We have just started using JIRA and we are thrilled to get out of the email forest we have been (lost) in ;)  Does this make sense?  

Are there any other apps/tools/add-ins/whatever that could help us?  

Best regards,


Hi Arnor, 

I have to walk back my previous comments because I see new functionality that was added. 

There is a place to link Stride rooms within a JIRA ticket:


Absolutely makes sense, as our organization uses chat for very similar reasons. I think Stride has been hugely beneficial in the day to day chatter around projects. 

Hi Meg,

Awesome!  That is really cool!  I'll talk with my project manager about implementing it :)

Best regards,



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