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Jira for Covid vaccination program

Dear Experts

We have a Covid vaccination program for employees in our organization.
For this, we would like to make use of Jira to plan and track the vaccination program.

I would like to get your suggestions to better utilize Jira features.

For now I have a drafted a simple workflow:
Registered->Under review->Vaccination slot allotted->Vaccinated

I plan to create a new issue type named as 'Employee'.
It will have custom fields like Employee ID, Employee Name, Mobile number, Email id, Preferred Vaccine, Vaccine doses completed, etc.

Maybe we can use Jira Releases to create multiple phases for the vaccination program.
A burndown chart to show how well are we progressing with the vaccination program.

Do let me know if you have other ideas that can be incorporated to this program.


Niranjan Rising Star Jun 06, 2021

Hi @Rajat ,

Looks good. You may include a custom field called "Remaining Doses" instead of "Vaccine doses completed" and a field "Tentative Date for next dose" if "Remaining Doses" is not equal to zero. 

A custom field like "Vaccine Preferred?" with Yes and No would also be good. If No, then another custom field "Reason" can be made mandatory with few general options like "Already taken", "Medical History" , "Other" etc can be added. These info can help to get an overview of how many employees have not been vaccinated and the reasons. 

The workflow may also include few other statuses

Registered-->Under Review-->Need additional Info -->Vaccination slot allotted-->1st Dose Completed -->Done


The resolution for Done status can include options like "Employee Not Interested" ," "Vaccination Completed", "Preferred Vaccine Unavailable" etc.


I am unsure how helpful my suggestions can be, but just my 2 cents :)




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This is definitely helpful. Thanks @Niranjan  

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Hi @Rajat 

This is brilliant. I would say go for it what you are planning and don't complicate it. Jira essentially is an issue tracker, a powerful one and your workflow looks good to me.

As @Niranjan mentioned customise it further if needed and thanks for asking this question :) I am sure others must be thinking of doing something like this.


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I like what you're doing there. 

The bit I thought was really good was the possible use of releases - my instincts said you could have versions for AZ-1, AZ-2, Pfizer-1, Pfizer-2, J&J, Moderna-1, Moderna-2 and so-on, you could track where people were with their first and second doses with version/release reporting. 

It would be easy to add more when other vaccines come into use in your area, and handle people in the mixed-version testing happening now, and adapt easily if boosters and 3rd and beyond doses come into play.

I would also want to think about security and personal medical data though.  Some people may not want their vaccination status to be widely known, or that they've not had one without a good reason to not to.

Imagine if you had me on the payroll, and you were looking at pertussis (whooping cough) vaccinations, I'd show as "not vaccinated".  People seeing that might wonder if I'm a pro-diseaser, immuno-compromised or, least likely, but the real reason - I'm just not able to have one.  That's probably not a conversation I want to start, whatever the reason for my lack of vaccine.

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Ok, thanks. I initially thought we could group vaccines into components. This could derive the number of doses to be procured for each vaccine based on the employees interest.

But I guess, using the releases for vaccines would be better as we could track each employees vaccination status.

Moreover the demand can be captured using a custom field.

Also you are right; Data protection would be another aspect that we would need to check before capturing these details.

Vaccines as components also makes a lot of sense, I just really liked your idea of jab-1, jab-2 being handled as releases more because of the time elements!   Components would work perfectly well, but they're less time-based so you'd want to do a bit more work with versions as the actual jabs or maybe custom fields or an extended workflow.

Especially as I'm reading about a new malaria vaccine needing 3 or 4 jolts, and Covid maybe needing boosters and anti-new-strain jabs coming, versions works better in my head, but that's really very much just how I would do it.  It's very very much an opinion.  The bit I am set on is that you should have a way to track which vaccines are in use.  Both ideas of components and versions would work very well for that!

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