what is difference between software or Business in jira?

UDAY BONTHALA June 12, 2017

diff between jira and business.JPGwhat is difference between software or Business in jira?



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Tom Rufo July 22, 2022

There literally shouldn't be a difference. There's nothing in either project type that shouldn't also be in the other project type. It's super random.

Frank September 8, 2022

Big agree, I don't know why JIRA has to be so confusing. 

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I'm New Here
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November 20, 2023

I think I may have found one difference, but I am not sure.  Can I create a form in the software version?  It seems like it is only part a business project.

Venkata Adapa March 25, 2024

Recently, I learned that we cannot create Forms and Summary options that are only present in JIRA Business. 

JIRA Business does not support having multiple boards to track Projects and Issues/Tickets separately—all of them will fall into the same board. 

JIRA Software supports having multiple boards to track Projects and Issues/Tickets separately, but it does not have Forms or a Summary. 

JIRA should club them into ONE and give everyone access to Forms and Summary, which are needed on any board. 

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Jeremy M
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June 12, 2017

Dear Uday,

Basically all the project types are the same EXCEPT for the associated workflow/workflow schemes and corresponding default issue types.

The reason they are different is to help you determine which workflow/issue types you should start to use depending on use case (hence the names: Simple Issue Tracking, Software Development, etc). Not all users of JIRA use it for bug tracking, thus why there are more than one.

Friendly Regards,

Jeremy Mooiman


Klára Zikešová July 19, 2022

not really, business projects have also some different features, as I realized... for example color scheme, different project board with some different functions like forms etc.

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Mateus Haubert November 28, 2022

And I'm finding very difficult to have a clear list of all this differences, even after paying for the Jira administrator learning pathway. I'm setting up Jira at my new job, and all the little nuances between business and software keep throwing me curved balls. For example, forms are only available on business, you can only configure the board and have multiple workflows in one board in Software, and so it goes.

All this things should be black and white and listed somewhere to guide users on selecting the best platform. Or is there something out there and I just haven't found it?

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Klára Zikešová November 28, 2022

Hi Mateus, haven´t found it neither, but one of our customers prepared pretty nice table of comparison for his purposes and I shared it here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-discussions/comparison-of-features-of-Software-project-and-Business-project/m-p/2083571#M18234 so take a look. 

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Mateus Haubert November 28, 2022

Thanks Klara, that helps. 

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Krista Stellar April 14, 2023

The comparison above is very good BUT note that it is describing Jira CLOUD and not Jira Server.

On Jira Server the differences between Business vs Software are mainly in the original templates provided when creating the project. After that I'm not sure there are any differences.

On Jira Cloud these projects are not longer Jira Software projects at all, but instead are projects for a new cloud product: Jira Work. And they look quite different and behave in noticeably different ways from 'regular' Jira projects.

When migrating from server, be very careful about reviewing these differences and deciding if your 'business' type projects on server should migrate to become Jira Work projects in the cloud. In many cases the answer is 'no' and you need to change the project type BEFORE you migrate.

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Antonio Rodriguez July 5, 2023

@Krista Stellar you comment is very insightful, as we are in this exact situation (pre-migration to Cloud and need to be careful related to Jira Work Management). Thanks a lot

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