move open issues to "New Sprint" doesn't accept a specified name

Dave Kitabjian March 1, 2024

Hi folks!

The simple workflow we're trying to follow is:

1) Complete the Sprint

2) Tell Jira we want to move incomplete issues to a new sprint (not backlogged)

3) Specify the name of the new sprint

4) Jira completes the old sprint and moves the incomplete jira to the new sprint with the specified name

That's the goal. Now, Jira let's you select "New sprint":

New Sprint is an option.png

And it even lets you replace the default name with the name of your choosing (since you probably have a naming scheme you want to use). But when you type the name for the new sprint, it rejects it:

Setting the name is invalid.png

My only solution is to erase the sprint name I provided, and go back to "New sprint", which then proceeds.

But it doesn't name it "New sprint". It notes that I have an inactive sprint named "Candidates" out there, and calls the new sprint "Candidates 2". Predictably, this is not what I want, so I edit the sprint and change the name to what I originally wanted "2024-03-15", which works fine. 

So I got what I wanted, albeit with a bunch of extra steps and missteps. 

Am I missing something here? Is there a smoother way to accomplish what I'm trying to do ? Is it just a GUI validation failure (combo box instead of dropdown) that Jira allows me to type what I want for the new sprint name, even though it has no intention of allowing me to pick the name of my choosing without going back and changing it later?

Thanks in advance!


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Trudy Claspill
Community Leader
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March 1, 2024

Hello @Dave Kitabjian 

As with most Selection List types of fields, you can only choose from the values available in the pull-down. While the field allows you to type an entry, what you are typing in is being used only the filter the options you see in the pull-down.

You can't use that field to specify the name of the new sprint that will be created. When you click New Sprint, Jira will create a new sprint, automatically name it, and add the issues to it.

If you had sprints not yet started in your backlog, then those sprint names would also appear in the list. Here is an example from Jira Cloud, but I believe Jira on-premise is the same. In my case "CS Sprint 101" is an unstarted sprint in the board backlog.

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 1.06.06 PM.png

Dave Kitabjian March 4, 2024

Thanks @Trudy Claspill :-) 

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