how do you remove an unwanted scrum board?


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I like the scary Active Sprint delete warning. I can show folks how dangerous it is to create a board without the Admin.

 I’ve been using an odd workaround for deleting a 2nd board with an active Sprint on the 1st board.

Just change the board’s query.


Usually the Filter Query is like:

project = MyProject ORDER BY Rank ASC


Change it with

Board Settings -> General and filter -> Filter -> Edit Filter Query


project = MyProject AND text ~ "DeleteMyBoardRandomText" ORDER BY Rank ASC


The board will be empty, now you can delete it. It’s worked so far, maybe I’ve been lucky?

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Go to "manage boards", find the one you don't want, and click "delete".  You must be the owner of the board to do it. (JIRA admins can change ownership of boards if you need to do that)

Go to View All Boards and Delete....

Where is view all boards?

Jack Brickey Community Champion Mar 13, 2018

That depends on what version. If on Cloud and the new UI click on magnifying glass and under Boards click view all boards. If on server there is a Boards drop down button,  click on view all boards. 

Hi, my scrum board was duplicated into a kanban board. If I delete the kanban board what will happen to my tasks?


Jack Brickey Community Champion Sep 06, 2018

@Anneke Schadle, welcome to the Community. Nothing at all will happen to the tasks. The board is simply a visual filtered view of issues. You can safely delete the unwanted board.

@Jack Brickey thank you, can you please assist with deleting that board. It seems as if my project has 3 boards and I want to delete just the one. But I cannot find the delete option for the 3rd board. Thanks Anneke

Jack Brickey Community Champion Sep 06, 2018

The precise steps will depend on whether you are on server or cloud. However, you must own the board you want to delete or be a system admin. Navigate to the the view all boards screen (cloud click magnifying glass and boards) then find board and click on ellipses on right.

Hi Nic,

When I try to delete a board, I get a warning that this board contains and active sprint and that I might lose work. This goes against everything I thought a JIRA board was. I thought the board was just a view of the project. I created a bunch of boards to experiment and now it looks like I can't get rid of these. Any way I can delete the boards without affecting the project or the sprints?


Your understanding of boards is mostly incorrect.

A board is a view of a set of issues, not a project.  That set of issues might well be as simple as "everything in project X", but often it's not - many boards cover several projects, or sub-sets of projects.

A sprint belongs to a board effectively.  The board you are trying to delete must have been used, with one or more sprints created.  You'll need to think about whether that is ok to throw away.

However, I come back to the "board is a view of issues" - deleting a board will only change one thing on the issues it includes - it will remove the sprint(s) the issue is in (no board = no sprint, so the issue can't be in the sprint any more).   It will NOT touch any other data on the issue.  So, if you look at the sprints for the board, decide you don't need them, it's perfectly safe to remove the board and its sprints.

Hi Nic, Thanks for clarifying that. 

However, when I try to delete a board which I created "based on existing project", it is saying I will lose the active sprint which was on the original board (same sprint name). I didn't create a new sprint on the new board. So you can understand why I am reluctant to delete. I am completely fine to lose the sprint on the board I am trying to delete but I am worried I will also lose the sprint in the original board since the warning names the same sprint name.


A sprint appearing on another board happens when the sprint might include issues on that board.

You will not lose the sprint on the board you are not deleting, it's just a warning that the current board will stop reporting on it.

Great. This gives me courage to delete the unwanted board. 


Hi, I was just having the same dilemma. However, when I go to the "view all boards" and click delete on the unwanted one, the warning about the active sprints pops up but the delete button is grayed out. It looks like it actually wants me to close or delete the 2 sprints that are active on the unwanted board. Note- they are the same active sprints as 2 other projects so I can't close them yet. Were you able to close the sprints without closing them on your other projects? @Eshan Salpadoru

Jack Brickey Community Champion Jan 19, 2018

@Jessie Ettinger, wait for the sprints to complete and, before starting another sprint, delete the unwanted board. As long as there is an active sprint you can't delete.

Hi @Jack Brickey,  is there a way to remove a kanban board from the project without deleting it?

Jack Brickey Community Champion Jul 10, 2018

@Marco Martinez, welcome to the Community! First, as a matter of Community process, it is generally best to start a new question if the question isn't directly associated w/ the current thread. With that said...

What do you mean by "deleting it", that is, what does the "it" refer to? The board or the project?

If you no longer want the board then you simply delete it. Doing so will not impact the project or an issues. You can't remove a kanban from a project and still have it exist unless of course the Kanban is associated w/ multiple projects. In which case you could remove one of the projects in the board filter and leave the other project(s) and the kanban will remain.

Now maybe you are actually wanting the board to be represented by something different that it currently is? This can be done by editing the boards filter.

All of the above can only be done if you own the board or are a system admin.

If this hasn't cleared up your question I would suggest opening a new question.

Thanks! by "it" I refer to the board inside the project. I think I will open a new question as you recommend Jack.

I am unable to delete a Scrum Board in the new UI..

Jack Brickey Community Champion Feb 09, 2018

@Anupam Poria, based on everything that has been stated above can you convey your specific issue? Are you attempting to delete and cannot? Are there any sprints active?

@Daniel Bols that works perfectly! Altho Atlassian might want to think of a better solution ;) 


Thanks a lot! 

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