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default board does not show issues in CMP project of category "none"

I created a company managed project (in which I merged 3.5k exisiting issues from other projects) with no specific category (none) as we manage a lot of different issue types in this project.

After creation of the project, I added two workflows (one "general" for seven of the eight types, and one specific one for a "special" case).
I have to mention that our initial status has a special name, which is why I changed that.

I was under the impression that the default board reflects the workflow yet whatever I do, the initial state is always empty. Even if I create an issue inside the board. Moving the issue into another status lets it appear. The board does also allow switching the workflows but for both workflows its the same.

Using just the list view is inconvenient as the team is used to the board. Creating a custom board does not work for this project as it appears to only be allowed to software projects and I can not access the board settings whatsowever.

Here is a screenshot (had to blur some parts). Any help or idea how to fix this is highly appreciated.Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-26 um 21.31.11.png

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Hello @Sascha Heinemann ,

There are a few things you should verify.


1. Make sure your default status is specified in your workflow (see below). You need to do this for both of your workflows.

default status.png


2. Be sure in your board settings, the first column has the status that you set for Create (default status) in the workflow step above



Please let me know the status of these.



Hi @Michael Simmons 

thanks for the quick reply.

The status is the default one for both workflows and I've also checked properties, validators and post functions to resemble the other workflows in our instance where the expected behaviour actually works.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-27 um 12.10.26.png


As for accessing the columns; I think this is where the issue lies. I can't access any settings regarding the board in the project settings page. Also on the board itself I have no access to any properties in the board view.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-27 um 12.11.25.png


I suspect that choosing a "blank" project category with no specific type was a bad idea, yet switching to a new project once more is something I'd like to avoid by any means.



Hi @Sascha Heinemann ,

Let's verify something first, please. As @Trudy Claspill mentioned, you are in a Business Project, and also you used a blank template (these are visible in the screenshot you sent with the project details).

Since you are doing support, and you did not mention other things that might indicate Scrum, it sounds like you want a simple Kanban board where you move stuff across the board from status to status as you work on them, is that right?

If so, then we can make a proper project and move your existing items over to that project. Are you OK with doing that?

If not, just let me know. If yes, then here are the first steps you need to take. Also, I am going to assume you are in Jira Cloud but can you please confirm this?  If you are not sure, look at the URL and if it says "" anywhere in the URL then you are in cloud.


Lastly, please go to your Create Project screen and take a screenshot.



Dear @Trudy Claspill & @Michael Simmons  thank you for your reply.

Choosing a Business Project rather than a software project was intended and choosing a "blank" one was probably a bad idea.

The issues created with the "+ Create" button in the "To Do" board get created and they also appear in the list view. As we are not in a Scrum type project but prefer Kanban, the board is a visual indication of the status and yes, we move issues across the board whilst working with them.

@Michael Simmons wrote:
>If so, then we can make a proper project and move your existing items over
>to that project. Are you OK with doing that?

Yes! More than just OK with that.

We are in Jira cloud and the URL ends with

Here is the screenshot you asked for:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-29 um 11.24.00.png

Hi @Sascha Heinemann 

Wonderful! Let's get you taken care of! 

On the left, select Software Development then choose Kanban. This will give you the basic Kanban board you want and the functionality you are looking for. It does not matter what you are tracking (software, business steps, etc.) it will work the way you want.


Then on the next screen, select Company Managed. 

On the next screen, check the "Share settings...." box and choose your current (Support) projects. This lets you reuse flows, etc. and saves you re-work.



After you create the project, you should see a screen similar to the one below. Just click the Back to Project link.



Now create your board by following these steps:




I think you now how to setup the columns and statuses in your new kanban board. If not, let me know. 

Go ahead and make a new item and it should fall into the first column. Please let me know.


Hi @Michael Simmons 

thank you for the detailed explanation and screenshots, yet I think I've come to a point where Atlassian Support needs to take a look into this.

I've followed your detailed explanation step by step yet whenever I tick the box "share settings with an existing project" the newly created project becomes a "Business" type project and the board creation is not available (I've tried four times now, also trying to click on "change template" before creating the project).


I very much appreciate your time and effort @Michael Simmons !



Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-29 um 20.18.19.pngBildschirmfoto 2022-08-29 um 20.18.38.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-29 um 20.18.59.png

@Sascha Heinemann 

No issues. Simply continue the process but DO NOT click that box. Then we will just manually add the workflows you created to the project.  Keep going, you've got this! 

Hi @Michael Simmons 

apologies for the unresponsiveness.

Atlassian support has taken a look into the issue and explained that boards for business projects have a limit of 1000 tickets.

As we merged 3.6k existing tickets into the new project, the resolved tickets "blocked" the board.

It was explained that after 14 days, the resolved tickets will no longer be shown in the board and the view in the Kanban board will switch back to what we expected it to be.

Thanks again for your guidance and best regards


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Hello @Sascha Heinemann 

From your screen image it appears to me that you are working with a Business type project, as opposed to a Software type project. I don't work much with Business projects, but it has been my experience that the behavior for those is to have a column for each Status in the workflow, and you don't get the option that @Michael Simmons mentioned about mapping Statuses to Columns.

Was it your intention to create a Business project, or a Software project?

If you have Jira Software as part of your subscription/instance, you can still create a another board for you Business project. You just need to create a Saved Filter to retrieves the issues in the project and then base your board off of that Saved Filter. You will not see a link for that board when viewing the Business project, because Business projects don't support the option for showing multiple boards for the project in the navigation pane.

You said "when you create an issue inside the board" the initial column is still empty. Just to confirm, you are clicking the Create option within that initial column, right? And the issue does not display there? If you go to the List view, do you see the issue there?

Immediately after creating the issue can you go to the Advanced Issue Search option (under Filters menu) and execute a search for issues created by you that day (or in the past hour or few minutes) to see if the issue you tried to create exists? And if you find it, what status does it have?

Perhaps there is an Automation Rule that is making some change to issues created in that status, immediately after they have been created. Have you reviewed Automation Rules (ones for that project and Global rules) to see if that could be the cause?

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