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Costel-Iulian Ciocirlan March 28, 2024

Hello everyone,

We have recently started doing test migration from Jira Software DC to Jira Cloud, and you already know, we also need to bring along the add-ons that our customers are using in DC.

One of the add-ons that we will move with in the Cloud is the Zephyr Squad Test management add-on.
We have engaged Atlassian and SmartBear support on this, the overall performance of project data migrations using JCMA as improved but I cannot say that this is the case for Zephyr.

We have several projects using the add-on, most of them with not a lot of data, but there is 1 project which has a big number of Zephyr data which needs to be migrated.
For anyone who is aware of the http://jira_server_baseurl/rest/zapi/latest/migrations URL, this shows the progress of the Zephyr data migration with the number of Zephyr attachments that have been successfully uploaded.

To have an idea on how big the 1 project is, the migration ran for 3 weeks with Zephyr data migration at 0% and we got to ATTACHMENTS_PART_58 till we decided to stop it.
Migrating a smaller project that also took quite a lot of time we only got to ATTACHMENTS_PART_1 - so indeed there is a big difference of sizing between the two projects.

However, even this small project took a lot of time compared to the project data size: pre-checks took 2 minutes, project data migration took 10 minutes and the Zephyr data migration took 1 hours & 42 minutes.

The question that I have is: from your experience, do you have any advice on how to boost the performance of the Zephyr Squad migration?

I want to mention again that we have been in discussions with Atlassian and SmartBear and followed their advice and recommendations already, but we are at the point where the only remaining advice that we have from SmarBear is to remove older Zephyr data from the project and audit history, but without giving us at least an approximation on how much "older data" should we remove in order to have this migration complete.
And taking into consideration that even for the small project took 1 hour & 42 minutes for the Zephyr migration, I don't feel comfortable going to our customers asking "Hey, we need to delete some data because otherwise we will be stuck 0% for more than 3 weeks, but I am not aware of how many data".

Thank you in advance for any support!

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Costel-Iulian Ciocirlan April 2, 2024


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Luzia Mendes [SmartBear] March 28, 2024

Hi Costel, 
Glad to see you here in the Community. 

This project of yours is indeed an "interesting" challenge for us.

I will need to discuss the case internally with my group to see if any creative ideas might help us. So let's hope that the community helps us here :) 


Luzia Mendes
Zephyr Migrations Manager

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