Whenever a Story/Task/Bug is closed then is there a possibility to automatically close the subtasks

Jyotsna Chimakurthi February 21, 2024

Whenever a Story/Task/Bug is closed then is there a possibility to automatically close the subtasks

Can we also get a pop up asking - You have few subtasks open in this Story/Bug . Do you still want to proceed with closing the story/Bug?

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Teja(Appfire) February 22, 2024

Hi @Jyotsna Chimakurthi ,

Good day!

Yes, the functionality you are seeking can be achieved using the Transition issue (JMWE) post function.

For detailed instructions, please visit the following link: https://appfire.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JMWE/pages/462127732/Transition+Issue+s.

To implement the transition-related issue post function, kindly follow the steps outlined below:

Go to the parent workflow at Close transition post function, select the Transition issue post function, and choose the transition name or ID under the Transition section.

Then, under the target, select subtasks of the current issue.

Please refer to the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 5.01.23 PM.png

Hope it helps!



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John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 22, 2024

Hi Jyotsna,

You will probably need an add-on like JMWE or ScriptRunner to be able to do custom validator/conditions. 

With that, you should be able to do that. Create a custom field such as radio buttons or single pick list with values of No and Yes. You can call it something like Are you sure? Add the description you would like to guide them. 

Then create a screen and add just this field to it.

Then add new transition to Closed with a condition that checks if there are open Sub-tasks. Modify the existing Condition to make sure there are no open Sub-tasks.

Then add the new screen to the transition which identifies open Sub-tasks. 

Finally, add a validator to that same transition that the Are you sure? field = Yes. 

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