Upgrade JIRA Edited



Right now I am using :

Versions and licenses 

JIRA Software 7.1.10

JIRA Core 7.1.1


I have received the following warning in my JIRA.

WarningEnd of Life. 

What does this check do?

Checks if the running version of JIRA is approaching, or has reached End of Life.


JIRA version 7.1.x is approaching End Of Life. Please plan to upgrade JIRA within 184 days.


In my setup IRA is using the H2 embedded database.

From my investigation the message is showing I need to upgrade my JIRA version.
Can you please provide the step by step procedure to upgrade my JIRA version. Which version i need to upgrade. Since the JIRA version is playing an important role in our infrastucture. I am running JIRA,bitbucket and conflunece all in one server.

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Atlassian end of life policy:


Get rid of H2 database. It`s not ment for production at all!

Atlassian has pretty good documentatation regarding upgrades. 



Just a note that i believe the link here should be https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver073/upgrading-jira-applications-861253088.html.

Lars,  the link you gave is throwing a 404 for me.

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This check really is just to warn you that you are going to be unsupported in a few months.  It does nothing else and nothing will stop working if you let it expire.  If you wish to retain full support, start planning an upgrade.   Probably to 7.4, but the exact choice is up to you (read the release notes first).  Docs are at https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver074/upgrading-jira-applications-881683260.html

However.  You have a much bigger problem.  You should NEVER use the H2 database in a production system.  It can fail, catastrophically and completely, at random, without warning.  (It happened to my dev system on Monday).

Forget upgrades for now.  Check you are getting good backups immediately and drop all your other projects so you can move JIRA to a supported database as soon as possible.

Is that possible to convert my h2 to a stable database ?

I am running my applcation in a centos 7 with 


Also I would like to know the latest version 7.4 support H2 embedded database ?

It does.  But you do NOT want to use it.

Please, forget your upgrade, follow Lars' and my advice and migrate to a proper database first.

Thank you for your update.


Is that possible to migrat the HSQLDB to postgresql ?

We would not be advising you to do it if it could not be done.

The best mthod is not complex - set up an empty postgres sdatabase, export your data to xml, point JIRA at the empty database, then import the xml via the UI.

While changing the database from H2 embeded to Postgresql I am getting the following message.


bin]# sh config.sh
No JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable is set - attempting to just run java command
*** Wrong JVM version! You are running with java version "1.7.0_101" but JIRA requires at least 1.8 to run. 


my Java version is 

lib]# java -version
java version "1.7.0_101"

I have upgraded my Jira version JIRA 7.4.2. I have converted my H2 embeded db to Postgrsql in my test postgrsql server.

Can I do the following steps to migrate the db.

1. create postgresql user

2. new database.

using the step mentioned here : https://confluence.atlassian.com/adminjiraserver071/connecting-jira-applications-to-postgresql-802592176.html

3. stop jira server

4. delete dbconfig.xml

5. start Jira server

6. access the jira like and use the postgrsql connection and complete the installation step.

7. FInally restore the converted Postgresql db to to the database.

Please help me on this.

Thank you.

That's just the installation.  You have not converted anything yet.

Go back to your old h2 installation, and back it up using the xml export.

Import the resulting file into the new postgres based installation


I have run the config.sh file and update the PostgreSQL db connections (Where I have restored the migrated database from H2), But now I am getting the following error messages:


2017-09-20 20:41:32,969 JIRA-Bootstrap ERROR [o.o.c.entity.jdbc.DatabaseUtil] WARNING: Column "ID" of table "jiraaction" of entity "Action" is of type "INT8(19)" in the database, but is defined as type "NUMERIC(18,0)" in the entity definition.

lots of like this error as well as 

Error was: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: must be owner of relation clusternode

Ihave created the database using the following command.


I already granted the user permission to database:

jiradb | postgres | UTF8 | C | C | =Tc/postgres +
| | | | | postgres=CTc/postgres +
| | | | | jiradbuser=CTc/postgres


This seems to be an issue with my JIRA postgresql database creation and its permission. Can you please provide some light on this.

Or it is my conversion time issue(H2 to Postgrsql migration)

Did you create a new, clean Jira with a postgres back end?

Nope I am doing this on my existing Jira and from there I am trying to change the database to Postgresql.

So, you exported from the H2 backed system, then tried to flip it to PostGres?  Did you clean out the home directory first?

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