TFS4JIRA - Create JIRA issue under correct issue type based on TFS field value

Rick S March 12, 2021


We are in the initial stage of evaluating TFS4JIRA plugin and were looking for a solution for syncing the issue types between TFS and JIRA.

In our TFS, we just have a Project  with work item - Feature. One of the field within feature in TFS is Category which has multiple values: UI, API, Database

In JIRA, we have single project for "Enhancements" with multiple issue types: UI, API, Database and each one of them have its own workflow.

Question: How can we configure TFS Synchronizer where based on a field value in TFS we can create JIRA issue with corresponding issue type within single JIRA project?

- If Category field Value is "UI" --> Create issue type as  "UI"

- If Category field Value is "API" --> Create issue type as  "API"

One option we were exploring was to create multiple synchronization profiles but that we have about 8 different issue types within single JIRA project so this option didn't seem scalable.

Can this be achieved with TFS4JIRA plugin or do we need create some kind of post function in JIRA to update the issue type?


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Farah Idayu Othman March 4, 2024

Hello Rick!

Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

While I understand this is your requirement for the TFS4JIRA migration from TFS -> JIRA:

  • - If Category field Value is "UI" --> Create issue type as  "UI"
  • - If Category field Value is "API" --> Create issue type as  "API"

I believe you have only one issue type in the TFS: Feature to be mapped with one of the issue type in Jira: UI,API,Database which is based on the Category in the TFS.

Currently, our TFS4JIRA needs to define the issue type from both environments. In this case, you have to define Feature to be mapped with UI, API, Database. Otherwise, your issue type won't be mapped at all.

For the case of this requirement: If Category field Value is "UI", we have a feature called Filters which has the ability to further define the scope of issues or work items to be synchronized. 

In this example, it only filter a Jira issue that has the labels = development.


Filters are based on Jira Query Language. For more information, please refer to Advanced search with Jira Query Language

Filters are additional parameters added to JQL. In other words, the project and item types that have already been defined during configuration. In the example above, when clicking on See in Jira, you would see the following:

project = 'jiraprojectname' AND (Labels = development)

Project and issue type can only be modified through Profile configuration

“Test query” will test the entire JQL and will return execution results. Testing the filter query is run as a normal query, without any impact to current or future synchronizations. 

Saving filters will only be possible for filters that were successfully executed.

In your case, currently, we do not support a JQL/WIQL to do some actions based on the trigger condition as mentioned above.  We can only filter the data based on the query and fetch the data to be mapped for both directions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

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