Syncing between Atlas, JPD and Jira Software

Dave Noble February 21, 2024

Hi, We are using Atlas, JPD and Jira Software as core elements of our product delivery cycle.

They of course work in tandem and there are some integrations between the products - ie goals created in Atlas link to Ideas in JPD and Epics in JS sync with Projects in Atlas.

However, as far as I can see there is no option to map statuses between the issue types. So for instance if an epic is not closed before its target date, it should set the project to off track in Atlas.

This would be much more preferential to having to manage a set of individual statuses.

Is this possible?

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Walter Buggenhout
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Community Leader
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February 22, 2024

Hi @Dave Noble,

Atlas does not have an API available yet, as you can read in this related thread. So the endpoints you would need to automate status updates from other products are not available yet either.

The post I refer to above also mentions the intention to take steps there in the (currently undefined) future and how you can connect a Jira Software epic to an Atlas project - the integration does not sync status, but e.g. the end dates.

On a side note - I would dare question your assumption that closing an epic late would have to set the project of track in Atlas. That may be true if your project only consists of one epic and you are working with a flexible scope and fixed deadline. But if your project consists of multiple epics, you may have shifted priorities and are ahead on other epics. Or you may have a fixed scope for your project and a flexible deadline. I would recommend to stay focused on using Atlas in your (very well chosen, btw) toolset to communicate project status holistically and use it to trigger people to review how the project is going as a whole against the outcomes it should achieve. The (short) message that is there every week and the actual comments and human perspective on what's happening is very important there.

Hope this helps!  

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