Story points is not set permanently

Ramu Pandey August 29, 2023

I am giving value of story points through JIRA python api but it styas for some seconds and get disappear but if i try manually through separate file but not iterating whole bunch of issues then i can put the value permanently.
This is the snippet of my code that is in loop for different tickets:

#story points updation
                new_issue = jira.issue(In_key)
                new_issue.update( fields={
                    'customfield_12592': s})   #s is story points getting from excel

this is what i did while did separately(hard coding)
issue = jira.issue('AADTEMP-859')
issue.update( fields={"customfield_12592": 12}

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Mohamed Benziane
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Community Leader
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March 29, 2024


Can you show us the whole code. If you can do it separately so there is something in your loop.

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