Scrolling issues in JIRA Kanban boards

David Rawlins February 19, 2024

Our morning stand-ups are being blighted by scrolling issues. The board jumps about as your scroll up and down. The jumping about is bad enough that its difficult to keep track of where you are and easy to miss a ticket.

This happens for everyone in the team. Which means it seems to happen regardless of browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) or whether you scroll using the mouse wheel or scroll bar.

The points are loaded asynchronously as you scroll, which makes the tickets expand in size once they’re loaded, which causes the whole page to grow and jump.

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Danut M _StonikByte_
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February 19, 2024

Hi @David Rawlins,

If you have our Great Gadgets app installed or if you consider it as an option, you could use the Team Wallboard gadget that it offers. This gadget displays the contents of an agile board. Due to the compact size of the cards displayed, it will show more issues than the Jira's board, so no need for scrolling! The colors can be customized, it supports quick-filters and swim-lanes. 


By using this gadget along with a few others offered by the same app (burndown, velocity, throughput, cycle time, etc), you could build a powerful board for your Scrum or Kanban team to use it in stand-up meetings or as information radiators. See this article on the Atlassian Community: 

Hope this helps. 

Thank you,



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February 19, 2024

Hi @David Rawlins 

It's Mary from Planyway for Jira: timeline, workload, time tracking


The issue you're experiencing with Jira during your morning stand-ups, where the board jumps around as you scroll, is indeed disruptive. This problem seems to stem from the asynchronous loading of content (like points or other dynamic elements of tickets) that causes the tickets to expand and the page layout to shift unexpectedly. Here are some suggestions to mitigate or resolve this issue:

  1. Check for Updates: Ensure that your Jira instance (if self-hosted) and all browsers used by the team are up to date. Sometimes, these issues are resolved in newer versions of the software.

  2. Optimize Board Configuration: If your board is displaying a large number of tickets or extensive fields, consider simplifying the view. Reducing the amount of data that needs to load can mitigate the jumping issue.

  3. Use Filters to Reduce Load: Encourage team members to apply filters to reduce the number of tickets displayed at any one time. This can lessen the data load and potentially reduce page jumping.

  4. Pre-load Data: If possible, access the board a few minutes before the stand-up meeting to allow time for all data to load and stabilize. While not ideal, this can be a temporary workaround.

  5. Browser Performance Settings: Experiment with browser settings that might affect performance and rendering, such as hardware acceleration. Sometimes, enabling or disabling these settings can impact how content loads and displays.

  6. Contact Atlassian Support: Since this issue affects the entire team across different browsers, it might be beneficial to contact Atlassian support directly. Provide them with detailed information about the issue, including the browsers used, network conditions, and any specific patterns observed. They may offer a solution or a workaround that's specific to your version of Jira.

  7. Browser Extensions or Add-ons: Investigate if any browser extensions or add-ons are contributing to the issue. Try accessing Jira in an incognito window or after disabling extensions to see if the problem persists.

  8. Network Speed and Stability: Ensure that your internet connection and network are stable. Sometimes, issues with asynchronous loading are exacerbated by network latency or instability.

  9. Jira Plugins: If you are using any Jira plugins that affect the board or ticket display, check if disabling them resolves the issue. Some plugins might interfere with how content is loaded and displayed.

  10. Custom Scripts: If your Jira instance uses custom scripts (e.g., through ScriptRunner), review these scripts for any commands that might impact the loading of board elements.

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Somesh Sahoo February 19, 2024


you can use jira dashboard and in dashboard use filter result gadget. There you can get the page and also you can sort the result issue key wise.


hope this helps!!

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