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Antoine _Klee Group_ August 27, 2021


I wish to forbid commenting an issue to the reporter on a specific status. All other users should still be able to do so (as long as they are in the permission scheme of course).

Is that even possible?

The workflow property jira.permission.comment.reporter=false (or denied) does not work. The value is ignored and this basically denies the comment permission to everyone but the reporter which is the total opposite of what I wish to achieve.

Same goes for jira.permission.comment.denied=reporter which forbids everyone to comment, the value is again ignored.

The last message from this discussion seems to say that cumulating several properties will do the job but since the reporter can also be assigned to role I am not really sure. It really seems like the property simply does not exist (is ignored).

Is there some kind of property?


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Vladimir Hudjan April 1, 2024

Hello Antoine,

I had a similar issue. I wanted just to allow a reporter to comment ticket and block everyone else.

This works for me:

I believe you can do the same by denying comments and then granting this permission per user type. 

I hope this helps. 

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