Rapid Board : how to add a task/story in the active sprint ?


All is in the title : how could we integrate unplanned stories in the active sprint ? It's necessary if an unplanned & urgent story shows up, or even if the team appears to be in advance in the schedule and develop new stories.


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Please update to 5.9.1 or later. You can then drag the story on to the active Sprint in plan mode. There is a small screenshot showing the function in the Release Notes.

perfect, now I would just need a way to remove a story from a running sprint to have full support for reprioritizing and avoid messing with the hidden sprint field which I would rather not touch

yes-I just posted a question about this yesterday. I tried to remove the number in the sprint field but am getting all sorts of errors and it isn't working. I am curious how to do this as well....

Hi Elizabeth,

Removing the value caused errors in all GH versions up to 5.9.1, please try upgrading to 5.9.3 and it should work. FYI this is the not the ideal approach to removing an issue from a Sprint and we will implement a feature for that, this is at best a temporary workaround.


If using the rapid scrum boards, to remove an item from an active sprint, click on the issue key so it appears on the far right; then, from the item's action wheel, select Remove from Sprint.

If you are using the GreenHopper Labs "Scrum for Rapid Board" you may want to try adding the new Sprint field to your Screen in use. Then look at the Sprint value in an Issue from the current Sprint and manually edit the Sprint field value to the same value in the unplanned Story. This worked just now for me, at least to get it on the Rapid Board. Test and Verify.

We got GH upgraded and I was able to add a story to the current sprint using this method - Yeah! However, on some stories, when I enter "6" for sprint 6 it populates sprint 3. Has anyone else experienced this issue or am I the lucky one to discover it? Thanks in advance.

I think I have narrowed it down to workflow. It seems to work on the original GH workflows but not on any of the new workflows I created. Not sure what setting is different or if I didn't create the workflow correctly. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks.

I am wondering the same thing but am not sure I understand what you mean by adding the "new sprnt field to your screen in use" and how to correlate to the story we are pulling in. Just started playing with this today so still learning my way around. thanks for any additional help.


If you are using the Planning Board to plan your Sprints you can simply drag and drop the card in to the Sprint.

If you are using the Rapid Board for Scrum which is in labs this feature has just been completed and should be present in the next released version. In the mean time you can use Peter Shiner's workaround, that is, use the Screen Configuration section in Administration to add the Sprint field to the default screen then edit the issue you wish to add and set the Sprint field to the same value as the Sprint field in an issue that was initially added to the Sprint.



I am having the same issue. I tried Peter's workaround and I can't get it to stick. Any other suggestions?

That would be the problem. Thanks!

The issue screen displays the "name" of the sprint (i.e., "Sprint 3" or "Spring Cleaning" or whatever you call your sprints). The actual value to enter in the Sprint field is an index.

For instance, we've created four sprints and called them "test", "Sprint 1", "Sprint 1a", "Sprint 2".

I want to add an item to Sprint 2. The index value turns out to be 4. So when I enter 4 into the Sprint field, it now displays "Sprint 2" and Greehopper calculates things correctly.

Hope this helps.

Well, Mine is a similar issue as well.

We have greenhopper 6.0.3. My sprint name is "Sprint13" and I found out that my sprint field id is a 5.

Surely assigning things to sprint from greenhopper works fine.

However, we have developers who use the regular JIRA interface to edit issues etc.., While they get issues assigned from bug triage etc.., they want to be able to assign it to the current Sprint.

So, currently they enter 5 into the Sprint field in the jira edit screen. How do I make it easy for them?

EIther one of this should happen:

1) Availaibility of the Sprint name in jira . This way they can type in "Sprint13"

2) Ability to increment the current sprint id field to 13, so that it matches the name.


Absolutely! Right now, the integration between GH and Jira is not for the common user. No user should have to know that they must locate the internal ID to make edits or to use in queries. The UI terminology must be used; else, as in our case, we cannot adopt the solution - it's not intuitive and we hear more complaints than what it is worth to deal with (plus gives a general poor perception of the products). And, I need for our users to adopt and utilize what we have. So, I must be extremely critical in what I say is available for use to minimize the nay-sayers and critical critiques. Right now, we have one team (of many, many teams) who is beta testing the scrum boards, sprints etc. That is the primary complaint is the lack of integration wtih JIRA when we use JQL for all reporting and all the gadgets for reporting and risk management.

There has got to be some way to assign an issue to a sprint from the Jira UI. Is there an enhancement request for this I can upvote?

The recommended approach is to use the 'View in Board' link on the view issue page, then drag and drop the issue in to the sprint.


Assigning an Issue to a Sprint

You can, but you need to know the internal identifier of the sprint.

First, navigate to a jira issue that has been assigned to the sprint

Then, edit the sprint field - you will now see an integer which is the internal id

Go to the issue you want to assign the sprint to > edit > input that internal ID into the sprint field

That is the same ID if you want to use JQL to pull back all issues in a sprint. For example sprint = 8

So, yes you can

No, it is not intuitive for any user

I know there has been feedback to the Greenhopper folks on this; but, have no idea where it is in their roadmap. I'm hoping it is in the near term future since that approach, for assignment or reporting, is not a workable solution.

As discussed above, the recommened approach is to click the 'View in Board' link on the view issue page, then drag and drop the issue in to the sprint. We have no plans to support direct assignment to the sprint value.


I understand the desired approach. But, at the end of the day, the field is visible on the issue and you can edit it if you can figure out the internal ID -- which, as mentioned, you have to know that internal ID just to report in JIRA all issues associated with one or more sprints and then use those same filters for the many gadgets that JIRA offers.

It seems short-sighted to not make reporting, editing, JIRA's Issue Agile menu option, and dashboard gadgets available and easy to use with the new boards - especially since Issues sidebar and gadgets all work with classic boards and the functionality becomes removed as you are deprecating that feature.

Please don't make us navigate to one and only one place to do such a basic planning and management action.

I have an issue that is "Done" from a past sprint. The issue is NOT "Closed", so can be edited. I want to "Move" this issue from its filter to an active sprint in the same project: how do I do this?


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