Project and Workflow structure for tasks that span multiple teams

Tim Bremkes March 17, 2024

Hey Community,

I've been trying to setup a structure in our Jira Cloud, that helps all departments do their work more effectively. 

In the past I have mainly used Jira for software development teams, so I am now facing challenges, that I have not been able to resolve.

The current example I am at involves 4 departments: Category Management, Content Creation, Pricing & Listing, Web & Development.

Each of the departments is organised independently, but do share certain tasks across multiple teams.

For example, the category management may have a task to manage product data, that does not involve any other departments.
But they also have a task to create the manual for the product, that involves Content Creation, who are responsible for all media tasks.

Most of these tasks are not strictly "project related". Normally my approach would have been, to create teams in the company, that are responsible for a certain type of task like creating product manuals.
But since there is an extensive amount of these, this would result in too many teams and everyone would be in multiple teams, which does not seem efficient.

Right now, every department has just one project and board. If they need another department to work on the issue, they assign the departments team to the issue. The board filters are setup, so that every teams sees all issues assigned to their team, regardless of the project the issue is from.

Main problem with this approach is, that the processes an issues has to go through, vary greatly depending on the actual task. But since every department has just one project, they also just have one workflow.

Understandably my coworkers are now asking, that their issue "create product manual" should have a status "create print layout" and "send layout to printing company" etc.


The main questions I am currently facing:

1. Would I set up a Project per Department or per "type of work" (ex. a project called "Product manuals")? There is, at least, 25+ types of work

2. Would I create a workflow, for each "type of work" and would this require to have a project for each of these "types of work"?

3. How does one department hand over an issue to another department?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

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