Pasting images in Jira pastes a link instead of attaching image

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March 4, 2024

If creating or editing a Jira description in a bug report, when you paste an image that was copied from another webpage, Jira will paste the link rather than attaching the image.

This is horribly bad design. Why? Because nearly all the images we use will be from webpages that are secured so all image links are inaccessible in Jira to other users unless they happen to also have access to that system and be logged in. This causes tremendous loss of information in our Jira issues because of a poorly conceived design decision which failed to take into account access rights of links.

There is no good way around this. The only 2 we have come up with is to either

  1. First paste the image into another program such as paint, copy it from paint, and then paste it to Jira
  2. Save the edit they are making, paste the pic, click Upload, then edit the description again, and finally insert the image into the descriptions.

This is abysmal for users. It's a bad workflow and not having a way to prevent the paste-as-link "feature" is at least obnoxious and at worst increasing time to resolution because important images are missing or inaccessible by people who need them.

So this software that is supposed to help us and make bug reports easier to handle has, due to such a BAD design decision, caused increase to our time to resolution.

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