Parent Link field not searching consistently on auto-fill

Craig Duffy February 29, 2024

When I want to add a parent link to an issue in my project, I start typing into the parent link field, with the project name (let's call the prefix for all tickets in this project "ABCD"; so we get ABCD-1, ABCD-2, etc.).

[Note that I am on a Data Center version of Jira]

I am getting inconsistent results in the auto-fill when I start typing in that Parent Link field.

  1. I start by typing "A": results from 8 OTHER projects that start with "A" are shown, but NONE from this ABCD project.
  2. I then type "AB",  and "no matches" are shown
  3. I type "ABC" and and "no matches" are shown
  4. I type "ABCD" and and 3 out of the 20 possible parents are shown from my project, along with 8 results from other projects that also start with "A" (but do NOT have "ABCD" in the prefix)

I have re-indexed the project a couple times, and that doesnt help.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? I cant really see a pattern.

Thank you

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Matt Parks
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March 1, 2024

Just to confirm, when you say 'Parent Link', do you mean the actual Parent Link field that exists on Epics or any items above that in the hierarchy, or do you mean the 'Epic Link' field?

If it's the former, I have seen the same kind of behavior where the 'auto-fill' options don't seem to include everything that I would expect. Eventually, when I type in the FULL issuekey, that options shows up.

As an example, I have a large number of issues that are the parent of epics in the UWM project. When I type UWM into the Parent Link field, I only see 8-10 options. If I type in the full key (e.g. UWM-13), then that issue is now visible, even though it wasn't when I selected just UWM, or even UWM-1.

Unfortunately, I have no idea why the search behaves this way, although I see similar behavior when searching for a filter/dashboard doesn't return results where there is a partial match. For example, if I am searching for dashboards and put in 'dash', I get any dashboards that have the word 'dash' in the name/description of the dashboard, but no results where 'dashboard' is in the name/description. I'm guessing the search in the Parent Link field behaves in a very similar way.

Craig Duffy March 6, 2024

Hi, I am talking about the "parent link" field. 

And yes, it works when I type in the full issue key. What you describe sounds like the exact same problem that I have. 

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