My team Velocity chart showing another teams sprint information

Kevalkumar kaneria June 26, 2020

On our velocity chart, we are seeing someone else project sprint and  when we click on other project sprint than sprint is pointing to my project sprint.

Can you please let me know what action should i take here.

Thank you

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Toni Campbell March 12, 2024

Thank you, this worked for me. 

Another team's sprint's (i.e. Team A) were showing on the reports for Team B, so I edited the boards filter, to include results for sprint ### (so a sprint from Team A) and it displayed in the filter results a sub task that incorrectly had a label on it for "Team B".  I removed the "Team B" label from the sub task, reverted the filter back to it's original state and re ran the report, and now it only shows Team B results as expected.

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Josh McManus February 6, 2023

We have discovered that this can also happen if a ticket was in another board's sprint when the sprint was closed. That closed sprint now becomes a permanent record on that ticket and if that ticket is passed to a new team/board that the previous board's closed sprint will show up on the new boards velocity report. We have not found a way to fix this issue aside from reopening the closed sprint, removing it from the ticket in question, and then re-closing that sprint. It would be great to fix this issue, as the workaround is not feasible and the incorrect sprint data impacts velocity calculators. 

Josh McManus February 6, 2023

Actually there is a better workaround. You can do a bulk change on the issue with the closed sprint in it to set it to a future sprint in the desired board. That will also apparently clear out the closed sprint value in the ticket. An easier workaround, but still pretty dumb that it's required.

Marcel Rossouw December 8, 2023

Unfortunately in our case now, the bulk update on the ticket in question (test ticket) isn't resolving it as the deprecated board is somehow linked to our current board (in the first place and completing the old sprint (in our case it was still open elsewhere) it stills shows up in our velocity report.

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Petter Gonçalves
Atlassian Team
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July 1, 2020

Hello @Kevalkumar kaneria

Welcome to the Atlassian Community.

The behavior where a Sprint created on a different board appears in the reports of another board typically happens when someone added that Sprint to any issue returned in the board related to the report.

Allow me to provide you with some details on what can cause this issue so we can be on the same page: 

Just like Boards, Sprints are completely independent, so it can be added to multiple Projects or Boards, just like described in the KB below:

Sprints appearing on multiple boards in Jira server 

Here are some of the actions that could cause this behavior:

1 - An issue is moved from one project to another. If the Sprint from the previous project is not cleared from the moved issue, the sprint related to the issue will start displaying in the new board and its related reports

2 - The board filter is edited, returning the issues also included in a different board and with different Sprints

3 - Any issue was manually added with the Sprint of a different project

The steps to identify which issues from the board are/were added to the Sprint returned in the reports would be:

- Navigate to the board where the Sprints are unexpectedly appearing > board settings >Edit filter query

- At the end of the filter query (before the ORDER parameter), add the following parameter with the name of the Sprint that is wrongly displaying in the board and run the query, butdon't save it:

and sprint = "Sprint ID"

- Now, you have the issues that are wrongly configured with the Sprint. You can change it to the correct Sprint of your project or clear the field, optionally using thebulk operation feature. 

Let us know if this information helps. 

Kevalkumar kaneria July 2, 2020


As you see this graph that blank space sprint is from other project and that sprint has different name and it doesn't not have have commitment or anything as you can see below, but it is pointing to Sprint 5 which is middle of in between. Do you think changing name of sprint or deleting sprint would help or do i have go through above step to investigate.



Spruha Shah August 12, 2020

Hi! i am from Kevals team. 

When we try to edit the filter query and put the Sprint = Sprint ID(sprint that is showing up), the result is 0 issues. Nothing comes up. What should we do to get rid of those 2 sprints from the report that has 0 issues. 

Nithia Mathivanan March 31, 2022

Looking for answer for this too apparently it is happening in my velocity chart too. I did a search with the sprint name having closed sprint with current board configuration apparently 0 outcome. 

Velocity MBK chart.JPG

Mericia Fitzgerald May 18, 2023

Hi All, 

This is still an issue on JIRA server today. Is there a way to resolve and remove the empty unrelated sprints from the velocity chart please?



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