Microsoft Teams Jira Cloud App - Issues with URL Preview

Chris Bohn February 19, 2024

We are testing out the Jira Cloud app for Microsoft Teams, and I've noticed several things that don't make much sense and wondering if this is normal/expected behavior:

  1. I have to add the app to every direct message/chat I have in order for a Jira cloud URL to show the preview. 
    • If I don't do this, then I get the standard, unhelpful message below the URLScreenshot 2024-02-19 143533.png
  2. To add it to the chat, I'm required to pick a filter to show as a new tab, even if I don't want/need that.
  3. Even after I add the app to a chat and authenticate myself, the person on the receiving end doesn't see the URL preview. They then added the app from their side, but even after that still didn't see the URL preview - even on new posts.
  4. After adding the app to a specific team (and being required to pick a filter to show in a new tab), the URL preview doesn't show up in the "Posts"/chat for the General channel.

An example of a working URL preview (just to be clear what I mean) shows the ticket number and summary from the ticket.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 144619.jpg

How it currently works in my testing does not make sense to me. I'm used to the Jira Cloud integration with Slack where the URL preview just works - and works everywhere. Is there not a simple way to enable this in Microsoft Teams?

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