Jira Product Team: LH side menu disappearing

Helen Smart March 12, 2024

We have a Jira Product Team page which defaults to the Kanban board view.

Usually there is a LH side menu where I can select list other views, queries, reports etc.

Since this week when I go to the bookmarked MPT board, the LH menu flashes up for about 1 second and then disappears. There is no ">" type option to get it back - it's simply gone.

Restarting PC/refreshing page doesn't help.

I have also tried going to the Jira page (Our account is https://coinvestwiki.atlassian.net/jira/) and clicking on the Member Product Team project. This has the same result.

*I notice I can access the menu if I click on any individual ticket, which makes it much less of a problem. But workmates still have the side menu on the Board view.


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John Connolly March 12, 2024

Hi @Helen Smart , Are you able to try a different browser?  Failing that, a reset of your browser could help.

In the meantime, try the keyboard shortcut '[' which shows/hides the sidebar and see if that gets you out of trouble?

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