Is there a way to export a list of all the components in a classic project?

Nancy W May 22, 2019

I'm looking to export a list of components from a classic Jira project into a spreadsheet showing the lead component lead

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Brandon Fish June 1, 2022

This question is a little old, but I found it when I needed the answer to the same question.  One of my users needed a list of components in a project that had over 600, so copying, pasting and reformatting was going to be a time-consuming task.  I went looking for another way, and what I found is actually relatively simple, but does require a few steps (and Excel).

These instructions for for Jira Cloud, but should work for on-prem as well, you will just need to modify the URL.

  1. Log into your Jira instance so that you are authenticated
  2. Enter the following URL https://<yourcompanyname><project key>/components
    The result will be a json of the component information in your project
  3. Right-click on your screen and select "Save As" to save the file somewhere to your PC
  4. Open up Excel
  5. Choose Data -> New Query -> Combine Queries -> Launch Power Query Editor
  6. In the Power Query Editor window, choose New Source -> File -> XML 
  7. Choose the file you just saved.  You might have to change the filter from XML (*.xml) to All Files (*.*)
  8. You should see a single column table where each datapoint says "Record".  Right-click on the header and select "To Table".  Hit "Ok" on the To Table parameter screen.
  9. You will now see a similar table, but in the header next to "Column1" is a little button to expand the table.  Click it and then select the fields that you are interested in.  These would likely be "name" and "lead"
    Screenshot 2022-06-01 144412.jpg
  10. You are almost there.  Now expand the "lead" column and select "Display Name"
  11. Hit the "Close & Load" button and the full table will be loaded up into a new sheet in your excel file.
Mr_ Mehan June 20, 2022

Hey Brandon!  Thanks for taking the time to document these steps!  This has helped one our teams to dump out a list of their 100+ components.

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Paul Madison
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Rising Star
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June 27, 2022

This answer was extremely helpful.

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Marco Buchmayer December 1, 2022

This worked great Brandon, thank you! Do you know if there is a way to include the # of issues with that component? It's shown on the components page, but when I kept all columns when doing "To Table", it wasn't included. 

Brandon Fish December 2, 2022

@Marco Buchmayer I don't think the count of issues is in the XML.  If you are using the API, you can use /rest/api/3/component/{id}/relatedIssueCounts where {id} is the Component ID.  Not a great solution if you aren't automating the process as you would have to do each component manually.

You could generate the data yourself if you export the issues and let excel count for you, but I imagine you likely have A LOT of issues if you were looking for this solution.  You could also try the google sheets plugin to pull your issue data and then slice-n-dice it, but I'm not sure what the issue limit with that application.

JCameron March 20, 2023

This worked great, thank you so much. Even better, Excel Power Query Editor now supports JSON which is the return format from the API. 

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microberry February 9, 2024

@Brandon Fish this is gold, thank you so much! The details, the accuracy, the saving from a thousand clicks and copy-paste's <3 

Also thanks for making me discover Power Query Editor! :)

Yu Ping Guo February 16, 2024

Thank you @Brandon Fish . it works well.

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Levente Szabo _Midori_
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December 2, 2022

Better Excel Exporter for Jira comes with a dedicated Excel export template to export Jira Cloud (or Data Center/Server) projects to a spreadsheet including the Components.

This tutorial article details how you can generate a Jira Cloud project export.

The exported Excel spreadsheet contains details like:

  • Project (project name)
  • Project Key
  • Status (Active / Archived / Deleted)
  • Project Type
  • Project Lead (user name of the project lead)
  • Category
  • URL
  • Description
  • Last issue update
  • Number of issues
  • Components (list of the components used in the project)
  • and more!


(Please note that Better Excel Exporter is a paid and supported app and I'm part of the team developing it.)

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L May 27, 2021

I had the same need. 

My quick and dirty method:

  • Select all rows from the component page and copy
  • Paste onto a google sheet or Excel
  • Keep the columns needed

Good to go.

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Peano Andrea January 21, 2022

Quick&dirty, if you cut&paste the entire table from the browser to Excel, the result is pretty good...

Gomez_ Daniel December 7, 2023

im speechless at how well this worked. Thanks!

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Angélica Luz
Atlassian Team
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May 24, 2019

Hello Nancy,

Currently, it's not possible to export components to CSV. We have a feature request suggesting the implementation of this ability:
Please, click on vote and watch in order to hear about updates on the development cycle.


vincent.chang February 6, 2020

Dear Atlassian Team,


This functionality would be great to have!

I vote we get this implemented ASAP.  (Another suggestion from me is to allow public users to vote here, so i'm commenting to do so)  How do you further "gather interest" in that workflow of the ticket above?  Thanks and have a good one.

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Neeta Nayak May 18, 2021

I agree and think this functionality will really help.  I am working on a project where we are integrating Aha! and Jira.  On Aha! side, I need to provide a list of components from my Project to the Aha! admin to complete the integration.  I have no way to export and we have 100s of component in the Project.  Any other ideas or workaround?

Melina Ailin Maquieyra July 14, 2021

Hi! This is only for Cloud? I need to export the components in a project. I have Jira Core Server. Thanks!

Monika Griffin September 20, 2023

Hi @Brandon Fish , thanks for this method to exptract a list of components. It worked so far.

Would there be a possibility to over write this information in the data base by a correted list since I would like to change all the names of the components?  (I have > 200 components). We are in cloud version.


old name:  D02-40_400 text blabla bla

neu name:   D02-40_400              (without the textpart)

Any idea if this is possible?

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Fish September 20, 2023

@Monika Griffin Directly from excel?  No.  Using your list, you could write some sort of script that loops through each component and updates the name with a new one.  Relevant documentation here:

Monika Griffin March 28, 2024

Sorry for not answering sooner. Thank you for the information. I'm unfortunatly not able to write script but I might find someone to do it for me.  

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Marta Felipo Rios
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I'm New Here
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March 28, 2024

Hi @Brandon Fish !

This has been very helpful!

Thank you so much for always sharing your knowledge. 



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