Is it possible to rename a closed sprint in JIRA Cloud?

Paul Grant December 5, 2019

Some of our naming standards have changed, and some sprints were named incorrectly in the past so we would like to clean up and change the names for completed sprints. Is there a way to do this with JIRA Cloud (Agile/Scrum)?

Also, we recently split one of our applications into two, and we would like to move all related stories for the second part of the application to a new JIRA project. Is it possible to move the stories while retaining sprint stats and reporting inside the new project?

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Atlassian Team
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February 27, 2024

You can now rename and edit the goals of completed sprints. More info here

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Angélica Luz
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
December 6, 2019

Hello Paul,

Thank you for reaching out to Community!

When using a classic or a next-gen Software project, currently, there is no option to rename a closed sprint. 

We have a feature request suggesting the implementation of this ability:

Please, click on vote and watch to receive updates about the features.

Regarding your second question, I tested here and when moving a ticket from a sprint to another project, it will keep the sprint name on the Sprint field and it’s possible to filter the sprint on the reports on the new project.


Paul Grant December 6, 2019

Thanks for the quick response, Angélica. I will subscribe to updates on the new feature request as you suggested.



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Angie Coleman March 16, 2022

Please get this on the roadmap and released! This makes it very difficult if I cannot update the sprint. 

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anastasiia_bielik_toptal_com October 5, 2022

Hi, any updates on this issue? 2 years have already passed since it stopped working.

Polly Yukevich December 5, 2022

Just raising this one again-- it's a little ridiculous that this isn't an option and we have not received any answer about restoring this functionality.

Jasmine Kaczmarek December 31, 2022

Adding my voice to this too. Makes for difficult management and reporting.

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David Woo March 28, 2022

What Angie said can be easily seen as a BUG in JIRA Advance Roadmap, without the ability rename and change the dates for the Sprint will result in this ugly image.  I have LOST 4 rows of restate space because I was working on grandfather-ing past Sprints managed by Excel into JIRA.  And because we cannot rename nor change the date like we used to, this what it looks like.

David Woo March 28, 2022

Screenshot BUG with Roadmap .gif

Sid April 4, 2022

Im facing the same issue in JIRA Advance Roadmap, is there any news on a fix for this?

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majofrancis December 7, 2020

In JIRA Server - To rename a Completed Sprint :

Go to the 'Report' Tab and select the 'Sprint Report' in the dropdown.

Select your Sprint from the dropdown. Click 'Edit Sprint' and rename it.

Janet Mirzoyan-Grantham February 24, 2021

there is no option for closed sprints. 

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Naman Garg June 16, 2021

Sprint Report option is not available.

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David Woo March 9, 2022

What is this provided before only to be stripped out in the JIRA CLOUD Version, we should have this ability, I consider this a bug as the original version had this ability.  We needed to grandfather in sprints from an excel sheet and because you cannot edit the close date, it caused the JIRA Advance Roadmap to look like a parking lot of lost rows.  If nothing else, please provide administrators the ability to edit.

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Helmer May 11, 2022

+1 to David Woo, recommendation from December 2020 no longer works

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breezycloud6 January 25, 2023

I just bumped into this restriction in JIRA Cloud (company managed) as well. Business value in renaming closed Sprints is that we need to get the team name in the Sprint name as multiple product teams are sharing the project and with the name "sprint 3" we do not know which product team this sprint belonged to. 

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