Is it possible to email an attachment directly to a subtask in Jira?

grillin March 26, 2024

I routinely create Epics and corresponding sub tasks as part of my day to day work flow. Sometimes, I need to attach text files generated on a linux vm.

Those files are usually from 3,000-10,000+ lines of text, so they're a little clunky to work with in the terminal app.

Rather than having to select the output of cat textfile.txt, copy the the 2-3000 lines to notepad, save the file, then log into Jira and ttach that file to a sub task, I thought I would just create a script to email the files to myself.

That's when I wondered if it would be possible to construct an email with an attachment that Jira could then attach to a subtask of an Epic.

Is this possible? I'd settle for something close as well.

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Jack Brickey
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Community Leader
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March 26, 2024

Hi @grillin ,

in JSM it is pretty straightforward to simply reply to an email from Jira and have the attachment added to the issue. In Jira it is a bot more challenging but you can set up an incoming mail handler to create or add comments with attachments.

incoming mail handler can be configured here -

What is key here is that the email needs to be a reply to an existing issue email.

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