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Mark Tucker March 26, 2024

We are fighting our IT department to get permission to use the cloud, so we are still using the server version of JIRA.  We have updated the licence, and we are aware that support for server version has ended.  However, we are having issues connecting . . .

Yesterday, I received "SERVER_ID refused to connect" when trying to access the server.

Today, I am receiving "SERVER_ID took too long to respond" when trying to access the server.

Please could you advise whether this looks like the problem is caused by our server being inaccessible (e.g. switched off), or whether the problem is likely to be caused by us still using a licenced version of JIRA Server (rather than cloud)?

n.b.  I cannot confirm exactly which version of JIRA server we are suing since I cannot log in.


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KL Foong March 26, 2024

@Mark Tucker 


Using a license version of Jira Server should not be causing the server to be inaccessible. 


You will need a server admin to access the machine hosting Jira to check the log file for any error message or if the application is still running or not

  • <Jira Home>/log/atlassian-jira.log
  • <Jira Installation>/logs/catalina.out or *.stdout.<date>.log
Mark Tucker March 26, 2024

I am not sure that helps.  We cannot access the machine which JIRA is on, so it is unclear how we would check those log files.

Any more ideas are welcome.

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