Importing issues with custom field changes in their histories

Emre Toptancı _OBSS_
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March 20, 2024

I am importing issues to Jira Cloud from json. (json was not created from another system. I am trying to forge json files to create issues to use in testing)

This is the history part of my sample json...

{"author": "admin"
  ,"created": "2024-03-20T15:30:00+0300"
  ,"items":[{"field": "Change reason"     
, "fieldType": "custom"
, "from": "10012"
, "fieldId": "customfield_10007"
, "fromString": "Upgrade"   
, "to": "10011"
, "toString": "Repair"


 This one imports fine but when I get the issue from REST API I get a history like...

 "items": [
"field": "Change reason",
"fieldtype": "custom",
"from": "10012",
"fromString": "Upgrade",
"to": "10011",
"toString": "Repair"

Then I make a change on the same field from the UI. Once again I get the issue from REST API and I get a piece fo history like...

"items": [
"field": "Change reason",
"fieldtype": "custom",
"fieldId": "customfield_10007",
"from": "10011",
"fromString": "Repair",
"to": "10013",
"toString": "Maintenance"

Please notice how the change I imported from json does NOT have a fieldID but the change made from the UI has one.

Having that fieldId in the history is important for my use case and I couldn't find a way to import it.

Jira server didn't have fieldId's in its issue histories. Maybe Atlassian added fieldId's to Jira Cloud but json import doesn't know about it yet?

Does anybody know how to import custom field json history data with fieldID?

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